Quantum Leaps

‘You become what you think about.’ –Earl Nightingale

The art of snowshoeing has been in existence for more than 6,000 years. It has morphed into several disciplines separate from each other yet connected to the mastery of the sport. The versatility of snowshoes allows us to creatively use them on ice, sand, mud, grass, and the like. Nothing compares to snow.

Mother Nature’s flirtations with early measurable snowfall and crisp temperatures in the Rocky Mountain region and elsewhere signifies a breakthrough season ahead. The World Snowshoe Invitational among other events will coincide with the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver BC Canada. These represent major strides for our sport—no matter your preferred discipline or terrain.

Now is the time to recalibrate your personal snowshoeing goals. Now is the time to merge with your sport. Now is the time to step into your greatness. To do this requires a breakthrough on your part. It requires you to live mindfully. It requires awareness versus consciousness. Now is the time to reinvent yourself.

Consciousness is a proactive and deliberate intention by its creator. It is the first step taken by the conscious snowshoer in the realization of just how powerful and magnificent s/he on the snowshoeing continuum. The conscious snowshoer understands duality and often times becomes stuck at this level of growth. One’s intellectual understanding blends with the deliberate creation of an experience—but that is as far as it goes. The conscious snowshoer will then ask ‘how’ to change the circumstances to experience what they had expected.

Awareness is an experience. It is not something one deliberately creates or does—it is what one becomes. An aware snowshoer is able to move from one experience [reality] to another at will because the nature of duality has been dissolved. Awareness is being present in the moment through your breath and your posture. There are no fear-based illusions or attachments just as there is no separation between one and his/her snowshoeing reality. In essence, there is unity, harmony, and wholeness. One becomes the experience versus merely perceiving it. Quantum Leaps are instantaneous not some methodical step-by-step routine.

Snowshoeing is a mentally and physically demanding sport. It is also a blast! When we become aware of the mind-body relationship we become aware of the consequences of consuming refined and acidic foods, stimulants, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, sleeplessness, and the rest of it. Change your mindset…change your behavior…your results will change.

This is an unprecedented year for our sport. Shifting from consciousness to awareness will have a profound effect on your snowshoeing endeavors, the growth of our sport, and planetary health. Take the requisite action to experience your own quantum leaps.


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