Gear Review: The Keyhole Hands-free Camera Harness

Here at Snowshoe Magazine, we get to test some cool gear.  Generally, the gear we test is from an established company with a brand that most snowshoers are familiar with.  That’s always a good thing.  But, in some rare cases, we actually get to test some gear from some real small biz innovators.  Thanks to, we were able to test the Keyhole Hands-free Camera Harness.  If you’re a photographer and a snowshoer – a lethal combo – the Keyhole should be your next investment.  Either way, this thing will keep your camera where it needs to be: In front of you at all times.

The Keyhole is a hands-free restraining and protection device for neck strap-suspended camera equipment used in the field; it secures the camera to your body by means of a harness and pointing the lens down rather than outward.  Not only is this perfect for snowshoeing, it almost seems like a necessity for any photographer who is shooting and moving all the time.  The Keyhole keeps your camera from getting damaged and from taking an unwanted dive into some powder.  

Here are some Keyhole features:

*Accessibility: Quickly and easily converts from “hands-free” position to “ready to shoot” position – no complicated hardware
*Protection: Securely and safely fastens the camera to your body/harness when not in use
*Comfort: Lightweight, versatile, adjustable, and reduces the camera weight off your neck
*Simplicity: Easily attaches to any backpack or chest harness that is equipped with typical one-inch wide webbing on the shoulder straps.  Quick disconnect buckles allow for easy backpack on/off.

The Keyhole can be used with most length lenses, eliminates the need for a sternum strap, and comes with a lens cap keeper as part of the hands-free system.  It can also be used with camcorders and compact cameras.  Moreover, it eliminates the inconveniences of digging in your backpack for your camera or carrying your camera out in the open where it can get damaged.  

This product was developed out of a need for camera protection for the consumer.  No one wants to be on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and damage their camera.  And no one wants to be out in the field and miss that perfect shot because the camera wasn’t accessible.  So, do yourself a favor and get in touch with; support a small business that aims to make your snowshoeing and photography experience more enjoyable.

In addition, provides informational snowshoeing guidebooks.  Check out my review of “Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing in Grand County, Colorado” –

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