Create a V-Box Combo from Goldtoe Moretz

This is almost a secret combo, only discovered at Snowshoe Magazine by accident. Even GoldToe does not know of it.  Why, you ask?

Because I accidentally understood the perfect pairing of two GoldToe offerings that solve a number of problems you may not even know you have. Additionally  they are perfect for the cold weather, too.Open your mind and prepare to be surprised: GoldToe continues to create new products and new improvements on favorite standards for men’s dress.

One of the challenges of maledom is we can get in a very deep rut like a Lexus SUV off-roading in mud, exampled by wearing the same type of sock, underwear or choosing never to wear a specific item or style. You say to yourself, “I don’t wear those, don’t get ’em for me.” This might be a typical attitude.

The right approach  might be more open minded, an attitude I have tried very hard to embrace. Maybe the real gift from GoldToe is giving us the opportunity to be open to change and able to welcome “new” to our vocabulary. Improvements are new, better is new, and besides, we might just learn techniques that are new. After all, this is the season of miracles.

Running on snow packed trails, enjoying winter, going off trail on snowshoes as a threesome I was with did early Sunday morning, up some steep climbs, flying on the downhills looking like a plow slicing snow, we know it will be cold afterward. As winter athletes, we are in situations before and afterward where we need to stay warm . . . and look good, too.

It will be cold, It’s a law of winter. Butch Cassidy said, “It’s a law,” to the Sundance Kid about the law of getting older, meaning Sundance’s super aim might be slipping after a gambling table cowboy challenged him with a gun. Well, the work by the creative designers at GoldToe is to keep us mentally young, looking good, and staying warm because weather conducive to snow is, by nature’s law, cold.

Never had I worn boxer shorts, but I discovered a unique use for them for athletes. Now I can’t take them off. If you are brief-wearing freak — I claim that title — here is what you do: wear the plaid GoldToe boxers OVER the briefs.

In cold temperatures, your legs will stay warm because of the GoldToe boot socks you’ve pulled out of the drawer. Then you cover your ears or head, wear appropriate gloves, and as it turns out, the body’s midsection “down there” can use another layer even if you supplemented your slacks with thermals. The GoldToe Boxers are thin so they don’t bulk up your sleek slacks. And so, you slip the boxers on. And guess what . . . it works!

I tried it on a whim and was surprised with the result. Then I tested the idea on the aforementioned snowshoe trek in new snow. The little GoldToe “G” embossed on the front of every pair seemed to be agreeing, as if it were telling me, “GoldToe Good.” It is surprising what these light weight, 100% combed cotton shorts can do. And, of course,they are constructed with the Standard of Quality promise in every box containing GoldToe anythings.

The nicely banded waist is no-pinch, a sign of their quality with a no-gap fly, seamless back, comfortable side seams . . . and they are built with generous material so a size large in a lower quality brand would be a medium GoldToe boxer. Oh, one other thing. They work great for scooting around the shower, bedroom, and dressing room without the danger of an embarrassing encounter.

Lastly you add GoldToe’s cool looking V-Neck white undershirts. Your upper torso can be kept warm and comfortable by supplementing your layers with this addition. Wear them even with stiff starched shirts to comfortable open necks sweaters — without the pull on the throat of a strangling T-shirt.

In addition, these are not bulky, cheap undershirts that look bad and feel worse. They are created with our comfort of paramount concern by GoldToe much like a soft pillow at a Four Seasons Hotel.

The collar is designed to lay flat, there is no tag reminding your neck every minute that you are wearing an undershirt. The generosity in material, also preshrunk, means the wearer can choose a more conservative size. Because the length feels like the warmth of the holidays –never ending — the shirt stays tucked-in, and you are good to go.

By adding a GoldToe boxer short and a V-neck undershirt to your undergarment wardrobe, you have completed a personal set of my imaginary V-Box Combo. Others might even get you one . . . each boxer short carton has two plaid selections; the V-Neck has three white shirts.

And what about the women in our lives? Well, they can wear these, too. But, how will they look with a V-Box Combo? The best description would be from the French . . . “Oh la’ la’.”


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