Taos Coffee Shop Draws National Attention for Rock-Solid Beverage Using Natural Stones

Coffee Cats coffee shop in Taos, New Mexico is drawing a lot of attention for serving up powerful drinks on the rocks, literally. Whether it’s coffee or tea you’d prefer, you can order it with a side of amethyst or jasper stones or combine several natural stones designed to heal, energize, reduce skepticism, and everything in between.

“Natural stones have energy which is why many people love this new concept I originated of combining the healing properties of stones with their drinks – which I call ‘Rocktails,’” said Coffee Cats owner, Kit Johnston. “My customers can vouch for the fact that each stone varies the taste of the drink in a different way, giving it a richer, smoother flavor.”

Coffee Cats’ “Rocktails” at their Rock Bar are comprised of three stones that are combined to promote a specific effect. For example, the “Energy Rocktail” combines aventurine, red jasper, and smoky quartz stones – which all work harmoniously to allow a person to tap into their own energy – which can be added to any drink order. At least 20 stones are available and can be purchased “a la carte” as well.

Johnston says that her unusual drink concoction is rocking the country, and garnering tremendous response from celebrity Taos residents and customers while drawing attention from national media including the Wall Street Journal.

As far as skeptics are concerned, Johnston has challenged them to a blind taste test, with nearly all leaving as believers.

“I’ve done blind taste tests, splitting a cup of coffee into two different cups, and people are dumbfounded that the flavor of the drink changes with the stones, even though the stones by themselves don’t have a flavor. Some come here feeling low or weary, and leave feeling better. As one customer told me, never before has a cup of coffee been a life-changing experience.”

Coffee Cats uses traditional, natural stones such as citrine to attract abundance; smoky quartz to remove negativity; carnelian to promote creativity, and ocean jasper which is known to foster joy, among others. Rocktails are designed to create beauty, love, abundance, answers, passion, creativity and include: Passion Rocktail, Skeptic Rocktail, Traveler’s Rocktail, Healer’s Rocktail, to name a few.

All Rocktails are served in organic and fair trade drinks and range from $1 per stone to $2.50 for Rocktails. All stones come with a description of the healing powers of the stone, and can be reused and kept indefinitely. The stones purchased at Coffee Cats are safe to put in drinks but are obviously not edible.

Johnston is slated to do a weekly guest spot on Taos radio station KVOT, featuring a “stone forecast” where a specific rock will be highlighted and can be purchased for half the price at her shop.

For more information on Rocktails, contact Kit Johnston at (575) 758-0606 or follow “Coffee Cats” on Facebook. Coffee Cats is located in the historic John Dunn Shops at 124 F. Street in Taos, NM, and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Town of Taos, in promoting tourism, reminds people to “Be Transformed by the Land, Light and Legend of Taos, NM.” For more information on vacation packages, and to register to win a free trip to Taos, go to www.TaosSacredPlaces.com.