Racing Snowshoe Comparison Video

ORS Snowshoes Direct Video Productions presents the 2011 / 2012 racing snowshoes and running snowshoes category. Video offers an overview and review of the snow shoes offered in this category, comparing and contrasting the features of each model. Products include Crescent Moon Gold 12, Atlas Race, Atlas Run and Dion racing snowshoes.

ORS Direct Running-Racing Snowshoes

3 thoughts on “Racing Snowshoe Comparison Video

    • You’re absolutely right! Northern Lites are great snowshoes. And they have new ownership from what I understand. It will be nice to see the brand take the next step and not be so “dated” as you noted. Maybe it’s something ORS can start carrying, in addition to the their Atlas, Dion and Crescent Moon models.

  1. Why do you say that the Northern Lites is a dated design? The Atlas Race and Run have been using the same design for a while too. I love the Northern Lites for just about everything except off-camber terrain because the foot is not held level. Are any of these racing shoes better on off-camber? From your video, it seems that the Dion has good lateral support.

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