Eat Heat! The New “Thermal Energy Bar”

This all-natural energy bar packed with warming spices will stoke your fire when all other forms of warmth have left for the coast. It was 42 degrees on the trails one May morning; the breeze belied the fact summer officially begins in just a couple of fortnights. The “Heat you Eat,” Thermal Energy Bar, is perfect for such a cool night, frigid winter days or any other time a chill is in the air.

Carry a Thermal Bar whenever you’re chasing life’s golden star

Consider this warming nutrition, a secret formula of “warming spices that help keep you warm in cold conditions stacked between natural grains, healthy nutrients, anti-oxidants, and omega fatty acids.” On the trails in summer, acclimation now fully engaged, those midnight treks get awfully cool and chilled.

Rainstorms in the endurance mountains or coastal shores accompanied by Mr. Cool Breeze appear suddenly and often without forecast, all with the intent to freeze you out, break your spirit, enhance the “F” word: failure. Keep the Thermal Bar in your pack ready at a moment’s notice to stoke your natural furnace, the internal infernal, allowing that traveling home-fire warming inside your torso to stay lite, while motivation is maintained to reach the all-important destination the next afternoon.

Bob and Don Rose concocted this blended bar of stacked nutrition from experiences spent on winter’s wall of ice and granite, climbing in all conditions and difficulty. Perhaps it was one of those times where chilled-to-the-bone numbness shocks the body into creativity that Bob Rose intuitively knew the answer: a combo of spices that would speed circulation and help create natural warmth. Working with Dr. Danny Chawan, the beautifully packaged and delicious thermos-furnace born was hatched.

Bob Rose has his long-term objective of standing on the peak of Mt. Everest on his 100th birthday, while at that age I’ll be happy just to spell it. Maybe there are other benefits to eating heat besides its warming value, benefits relating to ingredients like apple, almond butter, dates, almonds, rolled oats, ground cinnamon and flax seeds.

Whatever the reason it performs like it does, the Thermal Bar can allow us to climb those daily mountains of life, all because of a new-age energy bar.

The bars wrapped in warm packaging even look like portable heat. Buy now, popularly priced at $2.57 each, from this link:

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