Break Your Own Trail

For the 2012/2013 season, Snowshoe Magazine launched a new tagline that describes exactly what all of our readers should eventually pursue more than once while snowshoeing… and that is to “break your own trail.”

So, what does this tagline mean?

While snowshoeing can be performed anywhere there’s adequate snow, it’s sometimes best experienced away from the crowds and far from the resorts. In remote areas, snowshoers will find a plethora of pristine, unscathed snow—the perfect areas to break your own trail.

In many cases, mountain resorts—worldwide—have amazing and entertaining snowshoe programs and trails; visitors looking to do something different from the popular gravity sports, such as alpine skiing and snowboarding, will often find moonlight snowshoe treks and guided tours among the choices. Not a bad way to spend a day on snowshoes.

However, there’s nothing more satisfying than trudging through fresh snow on a bluebird day in a remote area of the wilderness. Here at Snowshoe Magazine, that’s what we advocate for our readers: break your own trail. Be creative, have fun, and be safe when on the trails. Tell people where you’re going. Follow the basics.

Consult our first-timer’s guide before donning a pair of snowshoes.

Of course, we’d like to see your “trail breaking” experience by posting a photo on our Facebook page. Or, send a pic via Twitter.  It’s always great to see snowshoers exploring the backcountry by blazing their own path through untouched snow.

And what should you expect from Snowshoe Magazine this season?

Our snowshoe gear guide will be launching soon, which will provide our readers with all the information they need to make a purchase decision. We won’t be selling snowshoes; instead, we’ll be helping the snowshoe companies and their retailers sell snowshoes. It’s like a buyer’s guide for snowshoes and accessories—reserved for the snowshoe companies and some of our advertisers.

We will also be publishing several “top 10” North American destination lists this season: “top 10 snowshoe-friendly ski resorts,” “top 10 snowshoe-friendly Nordic centers,” “top 10 guided snowshoe tours,” and the “top 10 snowshoeing destinations.”

And, is publishing a digital magazine on the list for this season?  It’s possible. We’ll keep you posted.

Think snow! Lots and lots of snow!

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  1. Ryan, know what this “breaking your own trail” thing reminds me of? Trekking out in the woods where I grew up on my parents’ old freaking LONG, THIN, ash skis with leather bindings. I was 8 or 9 and those things were massive!


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