A Scree Shield for the Rockiest of Hikes, Snowiest of Trails

Comfort, durability, and bullet-proof design definitely describe the essence of Patagonia’s Scree Shield shoes that arrive out-of-the-box trail-ready and ideal for terrain that wields sharp, knotty stones and unruly obstacles.  For the everyday snowshoer, the Scree Shields are the “plug and play” solution to quick, unplanned outdoor excursions. Yet, at a moment’s notice, they can offer the relief and security required for urban pursuits.

Yes, have some.

Harsh environments come in more than one form.  They aren’t always about whirly winds, unbearably cold temps, and deep powder. Harsh environments can be introduced through intense travel situations, unexpected competitive skirmishes, and situations that involve chase and high-speed pursuits.  The Scree Shields can manage whatever’s thrown their direction—no matter the season or weather conditions.

My favorite feature?

I especially love the 360-degree rubber rand that wraps around the lower half of the shoe.  While abrasion resistant and wire-brushed (for that rugged, unshaven look), the rubber rand provides essential toe protection and foot fortification; the Scree Shields are like the Quebec City of shoes (without the cannons, of course).

Moreover, it’s like Patagonia put a pair of trendy suede leather sneakers into a box with a pair of rock climbing shoes, gave them a bottle of Tequila and let them “have at it” for a few hours.  Happily, the Scree Shield shoes were born from this brief encounter.  Ahhh…the circle of life.

But, this footwear one-night stand works in your favor: with the Scree Shield shoe, Patagonia constructed what outdoor enthusiasts can’t resist. A Dynamic Fit Lacing System and a TPU Shock Plate provide the perfect frame for your foot—offering stability and eliminating slippage when hiking aggressively or running away from zombies.  Come the end of the world later this year, you’ll want to be wearing the Scree Shields to avoid any unfortunate happenstances resulting in the consumption of your flesh.  It’s just the smart thing to do.

Armageddon aside, the Scree Shields are an all-around badass hiking shoe that can also handle the rigors of snowshoeing with ease.  The shoes’ Vibram Release trail running sole can grip rough and tough pathways. In addition, they provide excellent traction and performance when kicking the undead in the face.

Here’s more excellence as a result of shoe promiscuity:

  • 20 percent recycled EVA anatomical footbed provides cushioning, comfort and support
  • 2mm 15 percent recycled EVA insole provides extra cushioning
  • Single density 15 percent recycled EVA footframe provides pronation and stabilization control
  • Forefoot shock absorption pad protects metatarsal
  • TPU Shock Plate distributes pressure and protects the foot
  • TPU Arch Bridge provides midfoot stability and alignment
  • Multi-surface high-density TPU studs in outsole forefoot provide traction in uneven terrain
  • Semi-curved last, medium width, medium arch support, performance fit
  • 362 g (12.8 oz)

For more information on the Patagonia Scree Shields, visit http://goo.gl/LJOVs. To purchase the Scree Shields, click here.

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