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I do pride myself on having some sense of fashion style even in the back country. Gear is great, but stylish gear is even better. So, since style is one of my main deciding factors when choosing new gear, I continually hope for new momentum in the industry as far as options season to season in the fashion meets function department of outdoor apparel.

(Please note: Read the full article for a Jordan jacket giveaway.)

Let me introduce you to my 2012 / 2013 top pick of the season for women’s outerwear. The FERA Jordan jacket. An adventurous ladies’ alpine dream companion and here’s why…

In general, a down jacket could be compared to wearing upper body insulation or your favorite duvet cover (sorry, I’m Canadian), because down as a material is ultra lightweight and ever so comfortable. You can literally roll a down jacket up like a sleeping bag or cram it into your backpack along with the rest of your outdoor gear and it will miraculously bounce back into its original shape and form. This is all great except that because down comes in so many shapes and sizes it has been known to make a person look “puffy” in all the wrong areas. Not exactly the look a female outdoor enthusiast is striving for while trying to focus on your outdoor sport. That is exactly the difference and deciding factor for me on choosing The FERA Jordan among a sea of down jacket options.

FeraI want the benefits of down like comfort and heat retention, with added functionality, a great fit and pretty please… a flattering cut. I know, we women demand a lot.

But the FERA Jordan isn’t just a down jacket. What makes the Jordan so special, other than incredible fit and the cool color options (I chose the Alpine Blue because it’s eye catching, bold and the right shade), is that unlike typical down jackets it keeps you completely and totally dry. It’s down with a difference; and the main difference aside from its amazing style is the fact that it’s got a weatherproof barrier. Because the body and fill of the Jordan jacket fabric is 80/20, when FERA adds a 100 percent nylon laminate and 10K durable water repellant and breathable moisture barrier – moisture is locked out for good – really!

I’ve been wearing my new FERA Jordan jacket everywhere and tested it through our extremely temperamental climate here in Vancouver. Hail, rain, wind, occasional sunny patches, snow and slush with zero leaks, zero dampness and 100 percent style ready for the streets and mountains. It was my snowshoe session up Grouse Mountain, The PEAK of Vancouver that really put my new jacket to the gear test. As I mentioned, it’s a monstrous time of year here in Vancouver for weather. We never know what to expect, especially at higher altitudes. While wearing my FERA Jordan and snowshoeing atop Grouse, to my utter astonishment I stayed warm and dry the entire day.

Fera2Some of the Jordan jacket features I love are the powder skirt, the ski pass pocket and the detachable storm hood. Actually, the hood is amazing. It’s got a little flap that holds the hood on your head. My biggest pet peeve about jacket hoods is that they are meant to cover your head from the elements but they fly off all the time, likely because there’s nothing to keep it from blowing right off your noggin. The FERA Jordan has a hood that stays put, thanks to the ingenious little hood flap. My hood stays put and I stay dry. If you’re not a hood gal… don’t worry they’re detachable.

One last feature I have to touch on is the technology behind the Jordan lining. FERA uses a high-density 230T nylon lining that feels like silk against your skin. I even tested the underlining comfort and wore only a T-shirt underneath the jacket in extreme conditions. On another occasion I over dressed in a base layer and ski sweater. The result, wearing only a T-shirt kept me remarkably warm in harsh conditions while layering up didn’t feel bulky thanks to the smooth and silky lining. Less friction, more mobility.

FERA claims to deliver on the three Fs: fashion, functionality and fit – for more than 30 years. And since 30 years is a pretty long time and they’re still in the biz of producing fine, fancy winter outdoor wear… they must be doing something right.

Trail blaze in a Jordan today. You’ll be glad you did.

Snowshoe Magazine and FERA have partnered to offer one lucky winner a Jordan jacket (in their choice of size and color).  Here’s how to enter:

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A winner will be chosen at random at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 31. The winner will be announced by/and notified on Facebook and Twitter.  Residents of all countries are eligible.  Good luck!

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