Snowshoe with a Smile

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We’ve all been hammered with the importance of hydration on the human body. Whether you’re an athlete, recreational outdoor enthusiast or a plain old human being existing on planet earth, we all share the survival instinct. Water keeps our bodies in balance. In snowshoe lingo, drinking water comes down to the very real need for outdoor adventurers to hone in on the health and wellness benefits of water including joint lubrication, proper nutritional absorption and of course the ability to act as an internal temperature regulator. You’re probably thinking… tell me something I don’t already know about hydrating my body 24/7.  What if you were able to hydrate and get happy in the same ounce of water? Imagine blazing uncharted backcountry, ripping your favorite trails or casually enjoying the great outdoors while enjoying the many healthy attributes of a “naturally beneficial” water break. Imagine a “happy” blend of spring and lithia water that hydrates and enhances your mood! Nothing added.

Happiness is defined as the emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy and is now available in a portable 500ML or 1L bottle of water. Vancouver’s newest health trend is derived from the mouths of two pristine B.C. mountain springs. Pure and natural lithia water is sourced from Halcyon Hot Springs in the B.C. Kootenays and blended together with B.C. Spring water from Mount Woodside, near Agassiz, B.C.  Alongside the “happy” benefits of lithia, Happy Water is PH balanced at 7.4, naturally alkaline and extremely tasty–-not acidic like most bottled waters out there.

Not too long ago, a case of Happy Water landed on my doorstep. It intrigued me. The packaging looks and feels like a premium product, the design is colorful, sunny and bright yellow and the best part, the water tastes really good. I’m not going to lie. No matter how many reusable BPA free water bottles I have at home, I’m one of those people who does pick up a case of water to have on hand. It’s convenient and there’s always a time when I’m dehydrated and desperate for a drink of water.

I had to give this cool new product a test drive. After all, it’s all about timing and at that instant,  a dose of happiness was just what the doctor ordered. I live in a B.C. rainforest, but even when I attended under grad at the University of Oregon in Eugene–it was the same story. The rain just nagged on and on and on. Now I make happiness a part of my routine, my life, my nutrition, my diet, my sports hydration – Happy Water puts a smile on my face and a spring in my snowshoe step.

Yes, I studied Psychology and yes, I understand the placebo effect. All I know is that even with a homeopathic level of lithia, Happy Water is making me feel pretty good from the inside out and has become my newest trail companion. Pour a Happy Water 1L into your hydration pack and you’ll be ready to take on any trail.

Snowshoe Happy.

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