If the Sock FITS…

fits1Something has been afoot in Tennessee for more than a century. That begs the question as to how the Crescent Sock Co. or FITS, has flown under the radar of the outdoors industry to the extent it has.

“Knitting socks in Niota, TN since 1902, Crescent Sock Co. endured the ups and downs that shaped the character of America’s people and her textiles industry,” the history blurb on the website reads. “Today the company produces socks under its own FITS name in the oldest operating hosiery mill in the U.S. – leveraging technical expertise and long-held knowledge of fit and comfort.”

To this day, it’s a family owned company that “remains committed to its vision its people, and to keeping jobs in the Tennessee Valley”

The company manufactured socks for more than 30 other brands before deciding to market its own high-quality product.

fits2“Responding to an industry-wide epidemic of ill-fitting socks, FITS leveraged over a century of experience to develop the world’s best-fitting sock using materials, processes, and quality controls that far exceed industry standards. The result: a product line that embodies the crucial connection between fit and performance.”

The company claims its FITS products are “designed to be the best-fitting performance outdoor socks in the industry.”

As with all such claims, that is debatable, of course, but there’s no doubt these are some impressive socks, mostly due to the F3 Technology, which the company says delivers a unique form FIT thanks to a deep heel pocket, specialized toe seam, and contoured leg – which keep FITS socks firmly in place.

“This means no more bunching, hot spots, or friction, regardless of the task at hand,” it says.

fit3I’m a big fan of well-made socks, having gained an added appreciation for my feet as my age increases. Fit is always an issue with me, since I have short, wide feet with a narrow ankle. As with footwear, that makes it a challenge for me to find a sock I like and that fits properly. Particularly so, when I add in my rather beefy calves.

So something like shows some real promise for me. In fact, you might argue it leaves me “FITS” to be tied.

The company offers a full line of socks from ultra-thin performance to heavier winter varieties with lots of choices in between.

So, sometime this year, get your hands on something from their line and see if it gives you FITS.

To purchase FITS socks, click here. For more information on FITS socks, visit http://www.fitssock.com.

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