Pocketmonkey Saves the Day!

“I want one” is more than a motto for the new Pocketmonkey tool by Zootility tools. It’s a promise.

All you need to do is look at the website to figure out that no-brainer, much less actually trying one. Just look at the partial list of things you can do with this unique item that puts the venerable Swiss Army Knife to shame.

Number one, it can peel oranges and help peel bananas. I’d take it just for that, since my unique form of peeling oranges has sparked a huge of merriment over the years. My method is to use a serrated steak knife, and make a starfish pattern on the orange. After that I simply open the skin up and bippity-boppoty-boo it’s ready to go with as little fuss as possible.


My mother-in-law once noted that she could make decorations out of the orange skins after I was done. I’m pretty sure there was some sarcasm in there somewhere, but I’m ignoring it.

The Pocketmonkey can also help you trip a door latch for those unfortunate times when you lock your keys in the house.

It also offers a range of screwdrivers from standard sizes to micro. Yes, micro, for those times you have to fix eyeglasses or something similar in size and you just don’t have anything that small in your pants’ pockets.

It can also open letter, be used as a ruler or a straight edge, and also as a hex tool.

The straight edge can be used as a scraper or a chopper, and likely almost anything else you can think of and the company hasn’t.

The tool fits in your wallet, can also be used as a kickstand to hold your cell phone; and, of course, it’s also a bottle-opener.

It’s ultra-thin and light, and even has a pleasing appearance as compared to the standard pocket knife.

Really, if it was any more imaginatively designed, it wouldn’t even need you.

So get one… you know you want it! For more information on the Pocketmonkey, visit http://zootilitytools.com.

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