MobileLite Wireless for the Mobile Snowshoer

If you’re addicted to your smart phone to the point where it needs to be surgically removed, even while snowshoeing in the back 40, you’re going to love the Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

The company may be most familiar as a maker of memory cards for your digital camera or mobile phone. That should tell you right away the wireless system is worth looking at.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a small device is about the size of a pack of cards and has a few handy ports.


At the top of the cool front, you can transfer and share files from device to device using a separate SD card. That’s way cool and convenient for sharing data, particularly photos. You know, for those times your trigger finger got just a little too itchy and has eaten up your memory. Or, just as likely, when you want to conveniently transfer your files from your real camera to your handheld toy and best friend. That’s also highly probable.

I regularly use a full-sized digital camera, and I have often wished to be able to plug the memory card into my phone or iPad to transmit the photos. This allows me to do it at will. Problem solved.

Second, the MobileLite has a rechargeable battery allows you to plug in your mobile phone when you inevitably run low on power. If it hasn’t happened to you, give it time. It will. It’s happened to me a lot, and is the main reason why I have automobile adapters and why I carry a spare charger as well. To be able to power up the phone in a completely portable device is extremely desirable.

“Another cool use of the MobileLite Wireless is streaming content from a memory card to multiple devices,” the Kingston website says.

The MobileLite Wireless from Kingston sells for about $50 at Amazon. How can you resist that?

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  1. After reading, I found this product is similiar with my RAVPower filehub which can wirelessly transform the files to my phone and it owns a built-in power bank for charging my phone. I am happy with it.

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