KEEN Launches Fan-Powered Grant Program: The KEEN Effect

KEEN is unveiling The KEEN Effect a, fan-activated grants program designed to support projects that fuel people’s passion for protecting the environment and promoting responsible outdoor participation.

“At KEEN, we believe spending time outdoors is a key element to build strong communities and a healthier planet. We also know we have incredibly caring, creative and connected fans. We designed The KEEN Effect with that in mind, to give KEEN fans the opportunity to help fund the hard-working non-profits that enable them and others to enjoy the outdoors,” said Chris Enlow, corporate social responsibility manager at KEEN.

History of Giving Back

KEEN has strived to be a company with a conscience since it was founded ten years ago. KEEN believes in the power of a brand to inspire others to create positive change. This belief reflects the foundation of its corporate giving program, Hybrid.Care.

Through Hybrid.Care, KEEN dedicates time and financial resources to social and environmental organizations actively working towards the greater good. The company honors its employees’ commitment to volunteerism, supports its local community, and embraces corporate responsibility. Since 2004, KEEN has distributed more than $7 million in cash and resources to non-profit organizations around the globe.

“KEEN is a brand rooted in the outdoors and in doing the right thing, – we make hybrid products that enable people to get outside and play,” added Enlow. “The KEEN Effect takes our commitment to the outdoors a step further by funding programs that enable even more people to enjoy nature’s playgrounds.”

Powered and Empowered by Fans

This new chapter in KEEN’s commitment to give back is unique in that it puts the brand’s fans at the center of the funding process.  Fans and retailers are being asked to nominate organizations in their communities who are doing great work and providing ways for people to get outdoors. The KEEN Effect will multiply this passion for the outdoors by funding the nonprofit’s work; inspiring thousands more to get outside and responsibly enjoy our outdoor spaces.

KEEN will award $100,000 in grants to 25 organizations around the world. The KEEN Effect grant application is available until December 6, 2013. Grants will be awarded in early 2014.

Grantees nominated by fans must clearly define how their organization or specific program inspires responsible outdoor participation as a way to work towards building a stronger community. KEEN will give special consideration to projects that introduce new audiences to the outdoors through responsible outdoor participation. The grants are eligible to tax exempt, not-for-profit organizations; 501(c)3 or international equivalents.

“We encourage people to spread the word about this great new program and urge eligible non-profits to apply,” added Enlow. “Hopefully our dollars will inspire more people to get outside while helping to protect natural playgrounds. We’re excited to see the effects of The KEEN Effect in the months and years to come.”


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