Gear Review: Columbia Minx Moccasin

MinxThe UGG boot may finally have some stiff competition. I hate to compare but if you live anywhere with more than one season, you may be throwing your UGG boots out with the bath water. I consider the Columbia Sportswear Company Minx Moccasin (I chose the Elk colour option) my new favourite go-everywhere winter boot. It’s cool, colorful, technical and oh so comfy.

Imagine wearing your favorite puffy jacket on your feet….seriously. The Columbia Sportswear Company Minx Moccasin boot feels as soft and plush as my Powerfly down jacket and is completely lined from toe to cuff in Columbia’s state of the art Omni-Heat System. It wasn’t until last season that I became totally obsessed with Omni-Heat and its thermal reflective technology. Truly nothing I have tested quite compares to the warmth and comfort factor of these tiny silver beads of brilliance. They self regulate and act as an insulation system that adjusts accordingly, based on your internal temperature.

In Vancouver, the weather is like hair. You never know what you are going to have to deal with until you wake up in the morning. From the good to the bad and the downright ugly – the weather is a force of its own. For the past few months I have tested my Minx Moccasin winter boots in rain, wind and snow. Basically, I have worn my new boots everywhere and with everything (even street clothes). Here’s the WOW factor. They are weatherproof!  When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you would think that a moccasin would not be the practical option. Columbia has proven us wrong.  The suede lower portion of my boots don’t have a water stain yet and I haven’t even sprayed them. After a few months of wear, they still look brand new.

For the record, people stop me everywhere and say they love my boots.  Personally I chose the Minx Moccasin because they looked interesting and different. Some days I don’t even wear socks and my feet are still dry and breathable.  The 200 grams of insulation and the Omni-Grip sole make them technically toasty and comfortable on my feet. It literally feels like walking on a marshmallow with no slip and no leakage. The big deal breaker with the Minx Moccasin is that not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they are technically beyond comparison to any boot I have ever worn.

Minx meOK, so I may not choose my Minx Moccasin as the boot I slip my snowshoes into, but these boots were definitely made for walkin’.  Like to and from the trails, the mountains, and my yoga studio. My feet are having a party in my boots this season and I’m kind of enjoying the invitation to tag along. Every fellow outdoor adventure gal needs to get her hands on a pair ASAP. The party is on, Omni-Heat style. Thanks, Columbia!  You did it again.

Here is a picture on the first big snowfall day at Cypress Mountain. #Warmfeet.

For product information visit To purchase the Columbia Minx Moccasin, click here.

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