Gear Review: Guideline Eyegear Wake Sunglasses

wakeI’m not sure if it’s possible or a recognized disorder to be a sunglasses connoisseur, but if there is such a thing, sign me up for some rehab.

My wife has grumbled for the last 10 years about my sunglasses collection, ever since I returned to wearing contact lenses on at least a semi-regular basis.

I’ve worn eyeglasses since I was in fifth grade, and I’ve never gotten over the novelty of being free of them. On the other hand, I’ve also not gotten over the urge to wear glasses, ergo my sunglasses collection.

I can likely tell you what nearly every lens shade imaginable will do for you and what kind of frames I recommend out of every space-age material around. So, imagine my delight taking a look over Guideline Eyegear’s Wake sunglasses line.

Their Wake glasses in particular caught my eye. When possible, I prefer a polarized pair, and the Wakes are nothing but polarized. Both on water and snow, nothing beat polarized glasses, and the amber-brown lenses are a good all-purpose tint.

“The Wakes provide total eye coverage against the sun and snow with the widest lenses in Guideline’s collection,” the company says on its website. “Locking hinges and rubberized temples and nosepads allow for maximum coverage in a very active lifestyle—whether that means skiing, snowboarding, or otherwise—without the worry of slippage. The Wake’s durable wrap-style frame allows for comfort and style as well as functionality, and is still constructed with the lightweight and fully recyclable Grilamid BTR.”

Simply put, these glasses are made tough, durable and comfortable… even if you have a substantially oversized cranium like mine. That’s who they’re designed for, since they are the company’s largest frame.

That’s vital for me, since most frames are just too small and too narrow. I also dislike lenses that are so small that I can look right out of their coverage as I swivel my eyes.

Guideline Eyewear also says the glasses are Rx compatible with is something I’d like to look into to eliminate those pesky contacts.

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