Platypus SoftBottle – More Than Just a Cute Name


Notice the really cute platypus in the corner

A water bottle that I can throw in my bag and not worry about it leaking everywhere…is that even possible? A water bottle that literally rolls into a ball and can fit into the pocket of my coat? When I first received the Platypus SoftBottle I didn’t know what to make of the promises of “no leaks, lightweight and taste-free.” But I knew one thing, I loved the colour, feel and couldn’t wait to try it out.


It rolls up into a ball smaller than my hand!

It only took one day for me to be a believer. After filling my bottle with tap water (which was a lovely experience as the opening of the bottle fit exactly under my tap) and then throwing the bottle into my pack, I set off on my day. I then forgot about it for seven hours. The Platypus got its first check mark when I finally pulled it from my bag and realized that not only was it still completely full but there was absolutely no condensation on the outside. The second check mark came when I opened the bottle with ease and took a big drink. It tasted like my tap water instead of the plastic taste I always seem to get with bottles.

In the next few weeks as I continued to use the Platypus, things only got better. There was not that typical crinkly sound when I rolled up the bottle and I found it stayed rolled by slipping a rubber band on it. My kids rough-handled it and it remains in tact with no tears or leaks. I left water in there for four days and it still tasted good. It was big enough to get me through the day, but not too big to carry around when it was full. And the name makes everyone smile.

Tough, BPA-free, lightweight, flexible and colourful makes this water bottle a must have. Fill it up, take it with you, drink with ease and roll it up when you are done. With so many water bottle options out there, Platypus has stepped up their game and offers a bottle that can be used by everyone.

To find out where you can own one of these amazing bottles, click here.

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