Prepare Yourself for the Boot of the Year: KEEN Revel II

Overly excited to try out my KEEN Revel II boots, I decided I was not only going to wear them with appropriate attire, but I was going to wear them everywhere, at all times, for an undetermined amount of weeks. I wanted to really dig in and find out what makes these boots so impressive. Thankfully when they arrived I didn’t feel the slightest apprehension about wearing them everywhere. A soft blue colour accents the main dark grey colour of the boot, and they weren’t going to make me look like manly as I was tramping through the city.

232Once on, I immediately noticed a difference in the sturdiness compared to many other models of winter hiking boots I own, my foot felt like it belonged in this boot. Something to note was that I went up half a size from my normal size to accommodate extra socks and a little extra toe room for those hiking descents. With my foot comfortable inside I easily and quickly did up the laces and off I went.

I was a little leery of the toe cap at first as it wasn’t the prettiest option this boot presented, but quickly realized that not only did it keep my toes toasty warm but also kept any debris and rock away. As I sank into the deep snow over and over again, my foot remained warm and dry, the two most important things for me in a boot.

The boots fit in perfect to the numerous pairs of snowshoes that I own and were the perfect size and shape for all my treks. I expected my feet to sweat, as most boots that tend to keep my feet warm keep them a little too warm, but I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out my dry feet. With the boot coming up a little higher up my shin than my regular hiking boots it provided extra support that I was thankful for on one of the long hikes I took them on. Light, warm, dry and sturdy; could this boot get any better?

wrevel_ii_gargoylealaskan_blue_p1The answer: it did get better. From the man beside me that was pumping his gas to my kids who exclaimed “nice boots,” I got more compliments on the KEEN Revel II boots than any other shoes I own (including my extremely nice, extremely expensive high heels!). Throughout hockey rinks, snowshoe treks, trips to the malls and up and down mountains, these boots have promised me the utmost comfort, reliability and warmth.

The heat trapulator insulation system gives true underfoot insulation and combined with a sole that grips unlike any other; these are my favorite pick from the incredible KEEN lineup.

Want more info on the KEEN Revel II boots (women’s), click here.

Visit the KEEN website to pick up your pair today:

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