Beer Review: Wellington Russian Imperial Stout

A column that dives deep into the world of beer and wine, that discovers the perfect pairing after a cold, long, strenuous but epically amazing trek through the deep snow.

A column that combines the perfect snowshoe experience with the perfect beer or glass of wine.

A look into some of the best micro breweries that cater to the athlete, the individual that strives for more in life.

A look into the fabulous wines that warm your insides as you sit around a crackling fire drying your hands and feet.

032Reviews of beer and wine for the snowshoer; for the one who silently treks through the snow alone taking in the peace that accompanies him/her, for the one who races along the track striving to break records and for the one who has simply decided to make this sport a part of their lives.

Welcome to the weekly review column for the perfect beer and wine to pair with the perfect snowshoe outing.

Our first stop on this journey takes us to my hometown of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Choosing to review a beer from the amazing Wellington Brewery was an easy choice as all of the beers they produce tend to warm up my insides.

After a long trek through the fresh powder on my new TSL snowshoes under beautiful sunny skies I was more than ready to sit down with a great craft beer. Recommended to me was the Imperial Russian Stout. Dark in color, malty in flavor… the gentleman promised this beer was the perfect après-snowshoe beer; the right choice to warm up my cold hands, feet and core.

Given that it felt like 4F outside, I was ready for this. The crack of the can, the smoothness of the pour, the lack of foam and the rich black color all set the stage for success.

5The first sip was like a delicious chocolate caramel that had been roasted in coffee beans. Each subsequent sip was loaded with more flavor than the one before. Coming in at 8 percent alc./vol., I expected this beer to be on the boozy side, but I was surprised that is was easy to drink and soon I was asking for another.

This imperial stout hides hints of cinnamon and licorice throughout its flavors and is unlike a typical creamy stout that leaves you feeling full quickly. The Imperial Russian Stout is true to its nature and offers a modest amount of hop bitterness and flavor–yet this particular one from Wellington does an excellent job of letting the true flavors shine through.

This is truly the perfect beer after a long afternoon of snowshoeing, hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Find out more about Wellington and the outstanding beers they offer at

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