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Now that the snowshoe season is winding down, we finally have time to breath here at Snowshoe Magazine. We can start looking at things we want to do to prepare for next season. So with this, I want to ask you a few questions and open up some of a discussion.

We have had this site design for some time. It was built before many users visited the site on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). This makes the site a little antiquated and difficult to use on mobile devices. Now, almost half of our visitors are on a mobile device.

We are looking at redesigning the site at some point. It is a large undertaking, so we want to make sure it is done properly. However, before we do that, we would like to get the opinions of the users. We are really interested in the following questions:

  1. Do you use Snowshoe Magazine on a mobile device? If so, does it seem difficult to use?
  2. Do you like the current design?
  3. Are there other sites that you think have excellent design that Snowshoe Magazine can learn from?

Ultimately, we strive to build a great site for visitors. It is your opinion that matters! Please post your comments and thoughts below.

9 thoughts on “New Site Design

  1. I do not use a mobile device so cannot comment on new design for that purpose. I am quite happy with the website the way it is currently. (Sorry, not too helpful!)

  2. I use the site on two different mobile devices, as well as traditional computer. Never had a problem viewing anything.

  3. I access the site from both mobile and desktop and have had no issue and am happy with the current site design. An app for mobile (android/apple) may be a nice way to deliver content, news, etc from the site to mobile devices. I typically have no issue accessing from a mobile device (just zoom in/out to focus on the content I’m looking at any given day), but a mobile version of the site formatted for smaller screens may be helpful. All in all, I love the content of the site!

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