Discover the arctic attractions: Create a unique snowshoe adventure with the Big Arctic Five

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Greenland is one of the world’s great adventure destinations and is considered as the largest arctic continent in the world. The arctic wonder holds a number of attractions with a unique Greenlandic touch. Winter sports enthusiasts can feel the crunch of snow beneath their feet and the chilly temperatures kissing their cheeks. The Big Arctic Five highlights five core arctic attractions which will make Greenland an amazing snowshoe destination.

Feel the arctic breeze with Dog Sledding

Dog sledding has been the number one mean of transportation since the ancestors came to Greenland more than 4000 years ago. Today, dog sledding is still an option when moving around the winter landscape and is considered as one of the top five arctic attractions when visiting Greenland. Dog sledding is a social, physical, and nature based experience, that takes you across the beautiful arctic landscape while exploring the fauna as well as the nature of Greenland. Dog sledding today is a mix of daily transportation and tourism, as the attraction forms the foundation of a cultural experience as well. While racing across the inland ice, feeling the arctic breeze and the chilly temperatures, you will be led into beautiful arctic landscapes where you can continue the arctic adventure through snowshoeing.


Light up your adventure with the Northern lights

When venturing into the beautiful arctic night, you will not only be met by a dark night sky lit up by thousands of glowing stars. The Northern lights are one of the great surprises of the Arctic night, and while reaching down from space, it fills up the night with colourful light and a sense of magic. The phenomenon is of great importance to many of the inhabitants in Greenland, and it is considered as one of the top five arctic attractions when exploring the arctic island. When experiencing the Northern lights, many people tend to relate the mystery and the magic with higher forces. The Northern lights are a part of Greenland’s identity, and it is a phenomenon you should strive to experience before it is too late. Snowshoeing into the dark night life of Greenland will definitely be an adventure to remember.

Experience the ice landscape of Greenland

Greenland is covered by a domineering Ice Cap, taking up more than 80% of the arctic island. This is of great significance of the climate, the culture, the nature and the everyday life of the inhabitants in Greenland. As almost every part of the country is covered by ice and snow, the Greenlanders are influenced in certain ways of living. But the ice landscape is not without importance of turning Greenland into an arctic adventure with a unique arctic fauna and with some of the world’s most beautiful views of nature. The coast-to-coast ice sheet is an obvious snowshoeing landscape to explore as an winter sport enthusiast.

Approach the everyday life by meeting Greenlanders

Greenlanders are often referred to as a hospitable, cheerful, and kind people, and  are always ready to welcome you when visiting the arctic wonder. The inhabitants cherish their society and their country, and if you are interested in knowing more about the culture, the history, or the nature of Greenland, Greenlanders will always be ready to guide you. Since the ancestors came to Greenland, the inhabitants have adapted to the arctic terrain and know how to create an everyday life in the ice landscape. The Greenlandic society is deeply connected with the vagaries of nature and is often forced to adapt oneself to the weather. When choosing Greenland as a destination for a snowshoe adventure, meeting the Greenlanders is a must. Walking around the small villages, experiencing the local community and the way Greenlanders respect the forces of nature is a great adventure.

Set sail and spot a whale

whale watching

To finish of the amazing snowshoe adventure in Greenland, whale watching is a “must do.” When it comes to the arctic fauna of Greenland, the whales tend to steal the attention. Under the surface of the dark ocean, numbers of whale species hide. The enormous marine animals are some of the world’s most beautiful creatures, and they are not afraid to expose themselves. Seeing the magnificent creatures right before your eyes can be overwhelming, whether it is the beautiful killer whales, the jumping humpback whales or the narwhals zipping in between cracks in the sea ice.

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