About Angela Goodwin

I love Alaska! Everything that I like to do is right here in this great place. So just to let you know I will be on vacation for the rest of my life. Photography, writing, fishing and snowshoeing are among my favorite things to do, and it all goes together. Anywhere I go and anything I do, I can take my camera along and when I get back from whatever adventure I am on, I can write about it. Then I can send it off to you to read. So, Enjoy!


A Diary of Winter Time in Haines, Alaska

Jan. 17 – I hiked into Chilkoot Lake with a friend. The snow had a crusted surface this morning, which made it easy to walk on, so we did not need snowshoes.

The lake has a small opening near the … Continue reading

From a Road to a Trail

During the summer and fall months, the narrow road into Chilkoot Lake is a destination for travelers here in Haines Alaska. Many visitors to town come to witness brown bears feeding on the salmon as they make their way into … Continue reading

Winter on The Takshanuk Mountain Trail

During summer months The Takshanuk Trail provides guests with a “bird’s eye view” of Lutak Inlet and the northern tip of the Inside Passage.

Wintertime seems as though it’s another world on the trail. The area receives harsh winter storms … Continue reading

Outdoors in the Idaho Panhandle

Spending a few months in Idaho took me from hot weather in September to snow in December.

The Idaho Panhandle was hot, dry and smoky from the relentless forest fires that had been plaguing the state all summer. Fires burned  … Continue reading

Alaska’s Inside Passage: My Way

Want to see Alaska on your time? Then traveling onboard the Alaska Marine Highway might just be “your ticket” to a great summer vacation.

During the summer months most of the towns here in southeast Alaska have daily ferry service. … Continue reading

Snowshoeing with a Knee Injury

After a horse accident left me with a severe knee injury, I had to rethink a few of my extra-curricular activities such as: hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing just to name a few.

The impact from the horse threw me … Continue reading

A Snowshoer’s Milepost: Haines, Alaska

A trip out the famous Haines Highway and snowshoe stops along the way. The scenic highway begins in Haines Alaska and runs 150 miles to Haines Junction Yukon, connecting to the Alaska Highway.

The famous Dalton Trail that was used … Continue reading

Mt. Ripinsky Rescue

Call 911? What else was I going to do? We had made it up the steepest part of the Race Trail and while the first few minutes were all about pictures and the magnificent scenery of Chilkat Peninsula, things quickly … Continue reading

Remote Snowshoeing: Haines, Alaska

It seems wherever the snowshoeing is good, evidence of moose litter the trail.

Chilkat State Park Road; a road less-travelled or should I say less-maintained!  In the summer the road is full of washboard and potholes, but in the winter … Continue reading

Snowshoeing the Chilkat Valley: Haines, Alaska

Haines, Alaska – “Valley of the Eagles” – is situated at the north end of the Southeast Alaska panhandle, about 100 miles north of the capital city, Juneau.  The town is surrounded by the Takshanuk, Chilkat, and Coast Mountain ranges … Continue reading