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Bussing the Excuse Tray: Wilderness Athlete’s Wild C8 MCT Powder

With one fell swoop of an arm, clear your personal Excuse Tray with Wilderness Athlete’s Wild C8 MCT Powder. Destroy that carrier of alibis you hold so dear. Obliterate the pretense why today you just can’t–woe is me–make the … Continue reading

From the Inside! With Precision Vision See Your Mysian

Poor vision dominates history as does romance, love, and of course, the sad uncle known as tragedy.

Surviving in modern times requires more than taking your army to war—you don’t have an army—but you do have smart people available to … Continue reading

Going the Distance! 2018 and 2019 USSSA Marathon and Half-Marathon Championships

It’s late summertime, so why such excitement about the earlier 2018 USSSA distance events? Because we are clocking the way to the 2019 marathon races at Lakewoods Resort in beautiful, hilly Cable, Wisconsin, near the home of the Slumberland American Continue reading

Love Your Feet With Hidden Peak

A dream sock for trailblazers; did you ever think finding utopia underfoot might be possible?

Wear the new fantasy for feet—Hidden Peak Outdoor Trail Blazers—offering recreation comfort for the footers of life: those who travel trails and seek … Continue reading

Yes to N.O. ~Nighttime Optimizer by Wilderness Athlete

Advanced muscle growth and repair in a capsule? While sleeping! What is this, a late night infomercial? No. It is for real, an advancement, NightTime Optimizer (N.O.) created by the think-tank of Wilderness Athlete (WA), the authority on outdoor performance Continue reading

Hot Ice: Thawing the Icicles of Incivility

Society is a breeding ground for incivility. Or is it simply your choice to manifest it?

Lifestyles are determined by habit. One of the most insidious aspects of habit is its ability to dull awareness.

In the study “Thought on … Continue reading

Maid’s Day Off: The Great Fish Oil Debate

On a mountain top deep in the Rockies; trails scaled, rocks climbed, the class of one sits in front of the master. iPad on the movie channels, iPhone up to ear, the student is multi-tasking anxiety and the thrill of … Continue reading

Severing the Thin Line: Ultimate Pre-Workout Tool

Why? Why do we toe the line, hoist the bar, click the ski, pedal the bike, paddle the kayak, climb that next mountain tracking a trophy? Why does one summon the courage “to just get out of the car” arriving … Continue reading

Slaying the Phytonutrient Dragon: Green Infusion’s Magic Wand

From the wonders of the locked-and-keyed laboratories of Wilderness Athlete deep in the Arizona Mountains, the famed Formulator, nameless to mere mortals of the daylight, pulverizes batches of Green Infusion to a dry powder, finer than sugar, healthier than the … Continue reading