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Kate’s Real Food: Breaking the Trail in Business and Adventure

Kate Schade is not your normal business woman; in fact, she never started out thinking she would be one.  Hailing from upstate New York outside of Rochester, Kate went to school at the University of New Hampshire as an English … Continue reading

Ambler Toques and Heat Beanies: Fashion-forward, Smart Accessories

Keeping your noggin warm is one of the first things outdoor adventurists learn to do, no matter where they call home.  The old wives’ tale regarding heat escaping from the top of your body, whether a scientific fact or not, … Continue reading

Fuel for Outdoor Fun: CLIF SHOT BLOKS

There are so many different forms of energy boosters on the market that it can be a little overwhelming choosing one for your adventures.  But, if you haven’t made the switch from energy gels to energy chews, you’re missing out.  … Continue reading

Columbia’s Mountain Monsters Gloves: Hands on Fire!

I’ll be honest, I fancy myself a mittens type of girl.  I grew up wearing mittens, I snowshoe and ski with mittens, and I am convinced that they’re the only thing that can keep my fingers warm in the frigid … Continue reading

These Boots Were Made for… Everything

It’s usually recommended to break boots in by wearing them around your house, starting out with smaller treks, etc.  But why listen to conventional wisdom when you’re out to test new boots?  I jumped right in with the Chaco’s Tedinho Continue reading

Bars That Fuel

The world of packaged snacks is littered with everything from chewy morsels to blocks that have the consistency of chalk.  Protein bars promise to fill up adventure seekers for hours and often times leave you wishing for another, more filling … Continue reading

The Jacket with the Silver Lining

I have a problem; I collect jackets the way some people collect trinkets from other countries.  My coat closet features coats for blizzards, snowshoeing, skiing, jogging, rain, traveling, backpacking, work, nights out on the town and more.  With so many … Continue reading

Tasty Brilliance: Small, Smart Snacks for Adventure Seekers

GU Chomps

Let’s be honest, snacks are just about the last thing that I think about when I am planning my adventures.  I pack my gear, I make sure I have all of the necessary gizmos and gadgets, I check and re-check … Continue reading

SeasonFive Arm Sleeves Provide Optional Warmth

Colorado winters can be tricky to navigate when it comes to preparing your gear.  There are brutally cold days while others are warm and balmy.  Then there are the kinds of days that start off with not even a cloud … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for First-Time Snowshoers

Every new sport can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it, but you have to start somewhere. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 10 tips for snowshoe first-timers.  With these handy morsels of advice, the trail to becoming an experienced … Continue reading