About Phillip Gary Smith

Phillip Gary Smith, Senior Editor, published "The 300-Mile Man" about Roberto Marron's historic doubling of the Tuscobia 150 mile endurance snow run. He publishes "iHarmonizing Competition" on various forms of competition, including drag racing, his favorite motorsport. Earlier, he wrote "HARMONIZING: Keys to Living in the Song of Life" as a manual for life with chapters such as Winning by Losing, Can God Pay Your Visa Bill?, and a young classic story, The Year I Met a Christmas Angel. His book, "Ultra Superior," is the first written on the Superior Trail ultra-distance events. He mixes writing with his profession--the venture capital world--a dying art. He is a creator of CUBE Speakers, a group espousing themes in "HARMONIZING: Keys" in a unique way. Currently, he has two books in the works. Write to him at Phillip@ultrasuperior.com, or find him on Twitter or Facebook @iHarmonizing.


Start ‘em Young! Snowshoes for Kids Two-to-Teens

Now is the time! Acquaint your youngsters—in my case, grandkids—to the fun and wonderment of snowshoeing on beds of freshly fallen flakes. We’ve compared snowshoes for youth of all ages so you can equip your kids with the proper size … Continue reading

LAST CHANCE! 2019 Snowshoe Qualifiers for 2020 DION USSSA National Championships

Ritter Farm 2019

Aren’t you chomping on the bit to qualify for the 2020 National Snowshoe Championships?

The 2020 national event will be held February 28-March 1 in the famous town of Leadville, Colorado, which is the home of the epic Leadville Continue reading

Inaugural Ritter Farm Trail Races: One of First DION USSSA 2020 National Qualifiers

Be one of the first to qualify in the country!

Ritter Farm Park marks home for the 2019 inaugural Ritter Farm Trail Races, Run the Ritter. It also poses an early opportunity to qualify for the DION Snowshoe USSSA National Continue reading

Cool Start, Hot Finishes! Minnesota’s 2019 Get in Gear Gift

The Get in Gear spring blizzard—on the way, forecast to begin just hours before the start—posed only one question. Would snow, sleet or a mix with rain dump on racers and volunteers in this 42nd Annual Rite of Spring? About Continue reading

ERIC HARTMARK: Wins 12th Cindy Brochman Memorial Snowshoe Magazine Person of Year Award

“It is a sort of poetic justice that Eric’s first appearance in a USSSA National Championship occurred at Cable, Wisconsin in 2011,” said United States Snowshoe Association Sports Director Mark Elmore, “and now he wins the Cindy Brochman Memorial Snowshoe … Continue reading

Hartmark Heats Askov Finlayson’s 2019 Snowshoe Loppet

Something spurred the snow to shrivel. Maybe blame Saturday’s sun and late 30’s temperatures overnight. Another look says perhaps the quickest snowshoer on trails just sizzled the course.

Overall Finishers

The rescheduled, reconfigured Askov Finlayson Snowshoe Loppet 10 km course … Continue reading

Snowshoes Optional! Scott Mittman Ices MDRA 7

After 2018’s incredible (Minnesota Distance Running Association) MDRA 7 race, be ready to join the fun at 2019’s edition on Saturday, March 30. NOTE: registration opens January 19!

But first, a recap of that remarkable and icy 2018 event:

THE … Continue reading

Annika Rogers Conquers More Than Mashed Potatoes Snow at the WSSF 2018 Championships

The snow that was tossed madly by fierce gusts “mirrored a scene from the Himalayas,” said Annika Roger’s mother, Johanna. During the difficult conditions that were rustled up by the mountains to stifle competitors struggling to complete this challenge, a … Continue reading

Kissing the Bridge: JackRabbit’s Snowshoe Race Series

The JackRabbit Snowshoe Race Series is so fast… the five weeks of competition are already over! There’s hardly enough time to notice, much less to enjoy, all the upgrades at the Kissing Bridge Snow Area. Plus, check out the new … Continue reading

The Claw Patrol: MSR’s Lightning™ Ascent Snowshoes

The engineering peak of adventure snowshoes, Lightning™ Ascents top the list of snowshoes outdoor enthusiasts need to choose when it really, really matters.

Outfitted with features creating one’s squad of support on snowshoes, thus The Claw Patrol, an adventurer tackles … Continue reading

Snowshoe Gifts for Those who have Everything and Beyond

The odds remain high those on your shopping list who “have everything” don’t own snowshoes. Even if they do, discover here unique gift ideas that you may use to surprise even the most avid snowshoer.

As a sport, the SIA … Continue reading

Unique Twists in Québec’s North American Snowshoe Championships

The world-famous Québec Winter Carnival hosted winter’s fastest growing sport, snowshoeing, as a part of its thundering program of parades, shows, sculptures, and fun. What a deal!

Raced under the auspices of the World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF), this inaugural edition … Continue reading

Richard Bolt: Cindy Brochman Memorial Snowshoe Magazine Person of the Year

One of the most productive athletes ever in the outdoor snow, trail, and mountain scene–Richard Bolt–wins the 2017 Cindy Brochman Memorial Snowshoe Magazine Person of the Year honor.

His resumé reads like someone whose only rest occurs when just taking … Continue reading

Transcending Happenstance: The True Tale of Myra Klettke

Not now, I’m falling, not now, find pedals, never this, weird, handlebars, stop, the group, there’s sky…

In an instant, Myra Klettke smacks the pavement hard, flesh red and bleeding among random pebbles scattered like her body. The time, 5:10 … Continue reading

Distinguishing Reality from Delusion, Hoberg Thaws Tuscobia

Will this be just another delusion encountered on the Tuscobia Trail: A sub-40 hour finish at 2018’s 160-mile foot race? Maybe not. Scott Hoberg amazingly peeled 3 hours 10 minutes off his 2016 course record and tantalizingly lowered the bar … Continue reading

Snow Jingles Bells at Paul Smith’s College Snowshoe Race

Bells pealed happily as the 2016 Jingle Bell Snowshoe Race found snow covering the course in this annual opening of the competition season. Four inches of heavy, wet white stuff raised spirits after falling on Friday with mid-20 temperatures preserving … Continue reading

Ascent of Everest in Beyond the Edge: Hillary’s 12 Reveals for “Going the Extra Distance”

Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon Sunday, July 20, 1969, at 10:56 p.m., signifying one of humankind’s most significant breakthroughs and accomplishments. The date May 29, 1953, stands for another of humankind’s most significant breakthroughs and achievements, though not … Continue reading

Snowshoe Stomping a Jazzy Snazzy Jazz Trax

2016 marked a record year for the Jazz Trax Snowshoe Stomp. Snow gods created deep snow allowing the race to return to its home:  Beautiful Bear Valley Cross Country Ski Area [BVXC].

With the race-start back at the meadow, Paul … Continue reading

“Running Everyman” World’s Greatest Olympian

Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games and the surrounding media blitz rival other Games’ sites. Read the history evolving from these global festivities, athletes, and competitions that live in a type of infamy bubbling up every four years in the dominant summer … Continue reading

10 Lessons Learned from 10,000 Hours of Physical Exertion in 10 Years

December 2, 2006, marks the day I joined The President’s Challenge, a free physical activities site administered by the  President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. Although posting my daily progress there, I only happened upon the fact that my … Continue reading

New York Preps for 2017 World Snowshoe Federation Championships; Italy’s 2016 Results Critique

In Italy, the country of history, culture and art, many of the world’s best athletes toed the start for the artistic wonder of sports, snowshoeing. In North America, snowshoers who could not make the trip rejoiced when learning the … Continue reading

2016 Arrowhead 135: Racing ‘Round the Clock

Racing ‘Round the Clock so “When the clock strikes two, three and four,” those who finish first will be looking for more. 56-year-old Minnesota endurance athlete Jim Reed ties at the finish with another of the great endurance athletes, Tuscobia … Continue reading

Yukon Charlie’s Racing Snowshoes Debut at 2016 USSSA National Snowshoe Championships

What better way to introduce snowshoe racing models than elevating them to center stage. Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes enters the 2016 United States Snowshoe National Championships as a contributing sponsor for their first foray into the country’s signature snowshoe event. This … Continue reading

Tuscobia Hammers Racers as Hoberg Nails 150 Mile Run

In the year setting the lowest finish-rate for Tuscobia Winter Ultra’s signature 150-mile run, Scott Hoberg tamed the trail tundra in a blazing record 44:44. This mark shines more amazing when considering the added mileage with the start now in … Continue reading

Northern Lites: The Dion USSSA Snowshoe Natls New Marathon Championship and Presenting Sponsor

Northern Lites Snowshoes lights the way for the first-ever United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) Marathon Championship by securing the prestigious Presenting Sponsor role. The New Richmond, Wisconsin company, developing the sport’s featherweight brand since 1992, clenches a coveted spot on … Continue reading

Colorado Cup: A Never-To-Forget Adventure for Snowshoe Championships

Colorado Mountain College (CMC), Leadville, promises a thrilling Saturday, January 30, 2016, hosting the Colorado Cup Snowshoe Championships. An exciting—and full—race day at the Timberline Campus includes six different events scattered over 210 minutes starting at 9 a.m. sharp. … Continue reading

Whumphing and Mountain Snowshoe Adventures: Andrew Nugara’s World

“All of a sudden, this big crack appearing in the snow . . . ” an avalanche forming directly in front of him, introducing in a forceful way to adventure snowshoer Andrew Nugara the imminent and clear danger at hand. … Continue reading

6 Weapons for the Wimpy: Soreness Recovery Post Competition

So you’re no polar bear? Say goodbye to aches and pains including the dread from stepping into, then sitting upon an ice-covered stream or ice-bath. Instead yell hello to the warmth, relief and comfort provided by these weapons for the … Continue reading

Trotting or Gobbling! Thanksgiving Day Races Abound

Throughout the country, Thursday of Thanksgiving week becomes race day, a tradition almost as important as overeating.  One earns at least some part of the bounty coming later called Thanksgiving dinner. Here are races scattered across the USA. Listings are … Continue reading

Readying for the Challenge of Snowshoe Racing

So how does a scuba diver enter the cold waters of snowshoe racing? That question came from a Twin Cities athlete seeking a challenge to seriously pursue in winter. Look no further, you found it: just dive in.

She asked … Continue reading

Races Of A Lifetime? 2016 Italian World Snowshoe Bookends

All trails lead to Italy! The World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF) announced that the 2016 World Snowshoe Championships race will be held on February 6, 2016 in Vezza d’Oglio. The following weekend, the crown jewel of snowshoe racing, the Ciaspalonga Snowshoe Continue reading

The Road to Hrimthurs: “Weeping Bitter Tears of Rage”

The most difficult individual award of the winter, winning entry to The Order of the Hrimthurs, relates to achieving that prize. It is an individual recognition, the best kind, only available to those who do the maximum distances of … Continue reading

Let Good Times Roll with I/O Merino

Escape to the trails; unleash the road to guide your being where you will. The Cars rock “Let the good times roll.” I/O Merino soothes your soul.

Wrapping you in confidence, making you FEEL so good, you can … Continue reading

Screams of Pain: The Danelle Ballengee Story

On December 13th, 2006 I went for a run with my dog, Tasman, just outside of Moab, Utah. About an hour into my run I was hiking up a small canyon to connect to a jeep trail and complete my … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Terrain at SnowGaine Orienteering ROGAINE

“Snowgaine is nothing short of epic. For athletes accustomed to long mileage but who have limited navigation experience, do not be deterred! A few excursions with your local orienteering club this summer will provide you with the experience necessary to … Continue reading

Playing a Hard Beat: 2015’s JazzTrax Snowshoe Stomp

Overcoming obstacles defines a race director. Overcoming a titanic-sized load of them requires something else: the indomitable spirit of Patty Jo Struve. In classic understatement she said, “What a ride it was to make JazzTrax 2015 happen in a very … Continue reading

Say Yes to Noque! The Noquemanon 2015: Ishpeming to Marquette

From the Noquemanon Trail Network laid out from Marquette, Michigan, rises a snowshoe 10 km and a strong endurance test of 15 miles testing the adventurous. The race is affiliated with the USSSA and a member of the Braveheart Snowshoe Continue reading

All-Time Classic! Junior USSSA 2015 National Snowshoe Championships Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Setting the pace as the opening act for the 2015 Dion USSSA National Championships, Junior men Timothy James Buerger, Ironwood, Michigan, and Tyler Dezago, Paul Smiths, New York, amazed the Frost Giants circling Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with an unprecedented … Continue reading

The Most Fantastic Finish! Dion USSSA National Women’s Championship Eau Claire, Wisconsin

When the 80 finishers of the Women’s Senior 10 km Dion USSSA National Championships lined up for their event in Eau Claire, not one guessed they had found themselves in a race of historic proportions; particularly Brandy Erholtz of Evergreen, … Continue reading

Dreams Dominate Senior Men’s Dion USSSA Snowshoe Championships Eau Claire, Wisconsin

In one of the most thrilling Dion USSSA Snowshoe Championships ever, dreams grew to reality with headline-type drama in every race.

Drama tangled with sentimentality when the exclamation “Finally!” rang out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, new men’s national champion Scott … Continue reading

Embrace the Snow! “Snowshoe Run With Laura” in Bend, Oregon

USSSA silver medalist, Laura Kantor, created the go-to snowshoeing group “Snowshoe Run With Laura” in Bend, Oregon. The result? A vibrant group of fun-seekers discovering exercise, motivation, and an abundance of natural beauty on a variety of trails in the … Continue reading

United States Snowshoe Association 2014 National Teams

The United States SnowShoe Association (USSSA) National Snowshoe Teams represent the top in snowshoe racing.

Five women and men earn their positions on the senior teams from their finishing positions in the Senior Championships. More than 30 qualifying events across … Continue reading

Manitoba’s Sue Lucas Tames Tumultuous Tuscobia 150-Mile Trek

Amazing! Manitoba’s Sue Lucas, 51, won the overall 150-mile run on the Tuscobia Trail in the unique 2014/2015 edition when she entered the Tuscobia tent in Park Falls at 6:26 Saturday morning. Her time pulling the pulk of 48 hours, … Continue reading

Addicted to Eau Claire! Dion USSSA 2015 National Snowshoe Championships

Addicted to Love,” as Robert Palmer sang, and love is a byword of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, home to the 2015 Dion USSSA National Snowshoe Championships. Mark Elmore, USSSA Sports Director, added, “We are thrilled to work … Continue reading

Special Surprise for Snowshoe Racers at the 2015 USSSA National Championships

The U.S. Snowshoe Association announces their on-site merchandising agent for the 2015 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships to be raced in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, will be Fine Designs, Inc. Why is this important? Are you kidding?

Because, for the first time … Continue reading

Big Foot Identified! Jeb Stone Owns Big Foot Boogie USSSA National Qualifier

When not winning the overall, Jeb Stone won second; now for the third year running, Jeb Stone takes number one again in an even-quicker 48:12 by over a minute from 2014’s race. Maybe it was annual nemesis and Stone’s good … Continue reading

Eric Hartmark Stumps Boulder Lake Stomp; USSSA National Snowshoe Qualifier

USSSA two-time National Champion, Eric Hartmark, loves his hometown race the Boulder Lake Dion Snowshoe National Championship Qualifier. Even though he doesn’t have to qualify—the current and past USSSA champions win exemptions; Hartmark is both—still, he races it. … Continue reading

Durband Wins Winterrific Warmheartedness USSSA National Qualifier

From racing regional United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) qualifiers to the national championships, a constant is Bob Durband on the course, happily trudging trails. This weekend marked a particular notable event in his life.

No, he didn’t win a handsome … Continue reading

The Face of Snowshoe Racing: Braveheart Jim McDonell

Recognizable by all, Minnesota’s Jim McDonell now rates as the face of Snowshoe Racing with his Braveheart attire and blue/white face paint. His energy and enthusiasm drives the Braveheart Snowshoe Racing series to one of the most popular in the … Continue reading

Jared Vanderhook Runs Tuscobia 75 Miles Winter Endurance with Pal, his Pulk

“It was two nights before the race and zip-lock bags filled with over 8,000 calories of gels, candy, chips, sandwiches and other calorie dense food that wouldn’t freeze in the cold were spread across my kitchen table. Gear filled the … Continue reading

Yankee Springs Challenges Winter! Middleville, Michigan

“Take on whatever challenge winter decides to throw at us!” That’s the right attitude for a new addition to the snowshoe race calendar; great training for a National Championship USSSA Qualifiers where we will meet at winter’s Big Go, this … Continue reading

Moose Tracks in the Snow! Minocqua USSSA Qualifying Snowshoe Race

A three-inch fresh coating of dry, drifting snow greeted racers at the third Moose Tracks Snowshoe Race on Sunday,  January 4, 2015. Winter wonderland conditions existed anyway with 18 inches on trails and much deeper in the woods. This 10 … Continue reading

USSSA National Championship Shoes: Sweden’s Icebugs to Top Medalists

Now a new reason to get those snow-miles of training in before the 2015 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships , February 27-March 1, 2015, race in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Eight National winners ace a pair of iconic Icebug shoes! … Continue reading

Snowshoe Hard, Breathe Easy! RZMask Up to Task

Snowshoe Magazine revels in introducing popular products to the wacky world of snowshoe fun. RZMask, a cold weather “Breathe Safe” covering for the nose and mouth, stresses uses for snowboarding, skiing, hockey, camping and snowmobiling. Snowshoe sports fit right … Continue reading

Free Downloadable Posters! North American Snowshoe Racing 2014-2015

Five easy pieces! No, not the famous Jack Nicholson film riding “The Fast Lane on the Road to Nowhere,” but rather the five United States Snowshoe Association and the International Snowshoe Federation racing posters on the road to the finish … Continue reading

Got Heat? Heat Holder Gloves, Socks and Surprises

Here’s the hot formula: combine comfort with advanced insulating yarn, wear everywhere. That’s the outcome for Heat Holders, the leader in thermal outdoor wear. With their unique entries in the world of footwear and gloves, one looks good and, … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Cartoonist Chad Carpenter: “MOOSE” the Live-Action Movie

Snowshoeing among many other adventures in Alaska, the ever-popular cartoonist Chad Carpenter’s “Tundra” in newspapers everywhere now reveals “Moose” a live-action feature-length film. Set naturally enough in Alaska, the movie has elements of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks though from a … Continue reading

Race Eau Claire’s 2015 USSSA Championship Venue November 1, 2014

Here is your BIG chance! Preview the grounds for the 2015 USSSA National Championships months before the big event. Sign-up for the Fall Back Blast!

Raced at the Lowes Creek County Park, Eau Claire, Wis., the Blast will include three … Continue reading

City of Lakes Half-Marathon Records Renewed Records

“I was floored there were six state records set,” exclaimed race director Heidi Keller Miler after the inaugural half-marathon from this 32-year-old-classic. “City of Lakes (COL) doesn’t tend to be a fast course plus half-marathons are a fairly common … Continue reading

Into the Darkness: Revitalizing Read Realizes Runner’s Revenge

“Never . . . Again . . . Ever . . . ” These three words endurance athletes express time and again after a failure. Author Ryan M. Chukuske relates in his book Into the Darkness such despair may serve … Continue reading

Peanut Butter on Pickles? 92-Year-Old Granny a Peanut Butter Nut

How to enjoy a healthy, long life? This Great Grandma’s solution depended on years of eating peanut butter while combining that classic spread on just about everything. Here’s her list of favorites:

Peanut Butter on Pickle Stalks: Use either sweet … Continue reading

Cocoon to the Moon: Stargazer Backpack Launched by Outdoor Products

“I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s . . . he’s a great man. I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas.” From one of the greatest movies on life, “… Continue reading

Hurrah! Choucas! Official Headwear USSSA National Snowshoe Team

Promising to be the brightest, best-dressed U.S. Snowshoe Association National Team yet, Choucas (“shoo kah”) tips their whimsical, colorful hats to honor the sport of snowshoeing.

With their status now as the official headwear for this élite group of 22 … Continue reading

ISSF World Snowshoe Championships + Québec Winter Carnival: Magnifique!

The excitingly festive January 31, 2015 International Snowshoe Federation World Snowshoe Championships are nearer than you imagine; think of this . . . Christmas is only 136 days away.

The ISSF World Snowshoe Championships visits Quebec City, Canada for that … Continue reading

New Jeff Winter City of Lakes Half: A Twin Cities Marathon Herald

A race with 32 years of history hardly seems new, but 2014’s City of Lakes—the 33rd edition—qualifies fresh-as-a-daisy with its new half-marathon (USATF certified) distance and new name. Notably, the race is honored as the Minnesota Half Marathon Championships. … Continue reading

Rangers Toast Ticks, Nix Tock

In a stunning development, a planned prairie-grasses restoration fire at Minnesota’s Murphy-Hanrehan State Park faces blame for the napalm-type extermination of more than one million ticks. Acres and acres of grasslands, torched to a blackened crisp, are now rejuvenating to … Continue reading

Arrowhead 135 Endurance Award Ennobles Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Expedition

Commemorating the “greatest feat of survival in the history of Polar Exploration,” (1) the Arrowhead 135 Ernest Shackleton Endurance Award honors a very special finisher: the competitor who endures the most time making way on the course.

One of the … Continue reading

On Natchez Mountain: A Savage 100-Mile Trail Race

What is there, there on Natchez Road?

Sitting quietly . . . a cut in the woods . . . is the  back way in Minnesota’s Murphy-Hanrehan State Park, host of the trail-fest known as the inaugural Savage 100Continue reading

A Cardinal Day: MDRA’s Ron Daws 25K

A spring blizzard pounded the Twin Cities Friday with northern suburbs counting a new foot of accumulation, putting the Saturday race conditions in doubt. Yet, snow stopped like on a clock, the sun bursting bright. Saturday, April 5, dawned clear, … Continue reading

It’s a Dion Year! Dion Snowshoes 2015 USSSA Title Sponsor

The United States Snowshoe Association announced Bennington Vermont’s Dion Snowshoes added a fifth year to their title sponsorship reign, now extending through 2015.

USSSA Sports Director Mark Elmore said, “Dion Snowshoes has served as the USSSA’s National Snowshoe Championship title … Continue reading

On Winter’s End: The Classic Ford Tractor

While hanging on to the right-rear fender, the Ford tractor now zipping along Oak Ridge Highway outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, at a speed scaring me, dad clicked the gas lever another notch to its max. My young fingers gripping the … Continue reading

Stamp Your Ticket Stub: Twin Cities Track Club

Competing at the International Snowshoe Federation’s (ISSF) Global Championships in Rättvik, Sweden to hosting the World Indoor Track Championships viewing party at Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis, the Twin Cities Track Club races toward the future. Their “Mr. Vivacious,” Michael … Continue reading

Hot Bed of Snowshoeing! Eau Claire Awarded USSSA’s 2015 National Championships

Snowshoes are racing on “Clear Water!”

The United States Snowshoe Association, Inc. (USSSA) selected Wisconsin’s Eau Claire (means “Clear Waters”) as host city for the 15th Annual USSSA Championships to be raced Feb. 27 – March 1, 2015, announced USSSA … Continue reading

Snowshoes Play Sky-High Music at Jazztrax Stomp

After, and only after, a heart-rendering rendition of the National Anthem by Patty Jo Struve trumpeting with her horn, do snowshoers attack the rolling hills of the Bear Valley Cross Country. Altitudes reach the sky with elevation in the area … Continue reading

Get Ready for 2015! Ask the Fish

Here it comes, the Big Bang in athletic clothing and innovation; and you thought it all stopped when UnderArmour created a new shirt in the 1990s. Hang on!

One of the world’s best design firms for fitness, outdoor, golf and … Continue reading

Big Applause! Snowshoe Racing Debut at 2014 City of Lakes Loppet

They’re here! Snowshoes invading the cross-country ski world of the City of Lakes Loppet Festival created a new event, a Sunday race so snowshoers who have the moxie race Saturday and Sunday for a double-up. Just perfect for gathering those … Continue reading

Easy as 3-2-1: Sweden’s ISSF 2014 World Snowshoe Championships

From the country leading the globe in Corporate Social Responsibility comes the pristine look of host Sweden’s 2014 ISSF World Snowshoe Championships staring an international cast of élite athletes.

None was better in Rättvik than Stephané Ricard as he sizzled … Continue reading

The One-Hour Buck: TC Snowshoe Shuffle USSSA Dion Championship Qualifier

Nearly 250 snowshoers toed the start of the 2014 Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle, an annual trek in the woods, frozen lake and meandering meadows of the Long Lake Regional Park, New Brighton, in Minnesota’s largest race. The course cruises 10 … Continue reading

Winter Whistles Winteriffic! 2014 USSSA Dion Championship Qualifier

Winter blew through the Murphy-Hanrehan State Park early Saturday morning, January 18, with a fresh half-foot of accumulation providing a wonderland-look for the Minnesota State Snowshoe Championships. Co-Director Mike Millonig whistled racers off to their 10-, 20- or 30 … Continue reading

Goosing The Moose! Moose Tracks National USSSA Dion Snowshoe Qualifier

A weather delay for a week, due to north pole temperatures tracking in, led to a thrilling national qualifier in Minocqua, Wisc. Green Bay’s Jennifer Chaudoir goosed the Moose by racking a 57:14 overall win on the course, the only … Continue reading

Five Records Tame Tough Tuscobia Winter Ultras

Tuscobia Trails—the 74-mile stretch of lonesome woods from Park Rapids, Wis., to its counter-weight at Rice Lake—would just as soon sit you down, send you home, beat you into submission. Meanwhile, Tuscobia Race Directors, Helen and Chris Scotch, wish racers … Continue reading

Lighting the Limelight: The Fenix HP25 Headlamp

Rush sang their 1981 song of angst, “Living in the Limelight,” of the challenges fame and notoriety bestow. Fenix better be prepped for the acclaim the HP25, hands-down winner of Best in Class 2013, will receive.

As Rush Guitarist Alex … Continue reading

Bend Wins as Middaugh and Howe Sock Chasers on the Chin

Was it warm, or was that just the heat from Josiah Middaugh and Stephanie Howe racing by at their zoom-fast championship pace, winning their respective Men’s and Women’s championships in sizzling fashion?

Vail’s Josiah Middaugh dominated the Dion Snowshoe USSSA … Continue reading

For the Planet, On the Planet: Teko Socks

Doing good weaves the fabric of Teko socks.

Evangelizing their organic, chlorine-free merino wool socks along with support to organizations like The Conservation Alliance and John Muir Trust—both important forces in the world of keeping the outdoors out-of-doors—they live their … Continue reading

“Xu” Marks the Spot: SnowXu Collapsible Snowshoes

Now a reality, the SnowXu folding snowshoes—once only a dream for entrepreneur Deb Kreutzer—dynamically expand the reach and sport of snowshoeing.

From the historic days of Snowshoe Thompson and his big wooden sleds come these light, snazzy and easily transportable … Continue reading

Get on the Stick, Go to VIC! On Top of Jenkins Mountain Snowshoe Race March 2

FLASH! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Rearrange your schedule! Saturday, March 3, 2013 is the previously secret Jenkins Mountain Snowshoe Stampede. Our forward recon guy, doubling as the Athletic Director and Cross Country Coach at Paul Smith’s College—just call him “Dean of … Continue reading

Elite Barriers for Fleet Snowshoers: Pearl Izumi Feet Snow Covers

Completing the Tuscobia Winter Ultras on snowshoes—their shortest option, 35 miles—taught me a good lesson: throw away my shoe covers, start over. I chose Pearl Izumi’s Elite Barrier Shoe Covers.

Ostensibly for bikes, the cover works perfectly for a snowshoer … Continue reading

Racing Minnesota’s Boulder Lake Monolith: Dion Snowshoe USSSA National Qualifier

The view of racer No. 106 remains the same: watching his Easton Snowshoes kick up a cloud of flakes as he leads the way. It is only on the short two-way segment connecting the figure-8 course a snowshoer has a … Continue reading

The 300-Mile Man: Roberto Marron Doubles Tuscobia’s Winter Ultra 150

“This is the police! I want to see your hands!” Roberto Marron’s 2013 New Year came unexpectedly alive like a shooting star over the frigid Tuscobia Trail. Stretched out in snowy northern Wisconsin, his sleeping bag rated to -40 surrounding … Continue reading

If Aliens Only Knew: Galactic Arrowhead Boots by Vasque

Landing on Mother Earth, a spinning orb opens; apparitions appear. One begins to speak—turns out they know English. “Take me to . . .” are the only words spoken before one in the crowd yells, “Red Wing, Minnesota!” Shocked, the … Continue reading

South Dakota’s USSSA Dion Qualifier: Snow But Snowshoe Shortage

What do race directors do when the demand for loaner snowshoes overwhelms supply and more are needed PDQ? Get ‘em, just what the ever popular snowshoer, Robert Bolton, did on the spur of the moment.

Generously, Dion Snowshoes lent the … Continue reading

Park City, Utah Stomps the 5K

In the movie “Reindeer Games,” a Michigan casino’s claim to fame is that they serve both Coke AND Pepsi. Dennis Farini plays the director of the facility (“I can’t go back to Las Vegas”). Snowshoeing isn’t a gamble, but the … Continue reading

Brrrr to Barrier: R-Tec’s Ingenious Insulated Underwear Pants

It is clear: for big ideas one needs a “Eureka!” moment. One method to get them is reside close to Eureka itself, as in the Eureka Maple Woods Natural Area in Southwest Wisconsin. That’s near where one will find Sterling … Continue reading

Pocket Rockets: Injinji’s Ex-Celerator Compression Toesocks

Add Injinji’s unique glove-for-your-feet with the known benefits of compression socks—what do you get? Pocket rockets, like in poker when two aces are dealt to you, an immediate strong hand. We know Injinji’s Compression Socks as pocket rockets for the … Continue reading

Italy’s Baldiccini Blisters Beeline: ISSF 2013 World Snowshoe Championships

The International Snowshoeing Federation (ISSF) World Snowshoe Championship held in conjunction with the epic La Ciaspolada Snowshoe race Fondo, Italy, sizzled in 2013 as Alex Baldiccini seized the championship for the host country in a sub-20 minute performance. Baldiccini covered … Continue reading

Snowy Dirty Dozen: The Top 12 Most Unique Snow Movies

Not all snow movies are the indomitably cheery “A Christmas Story” (1983), nor where lack of snow creates consternation like “White Christmas” (1954). Prepare for snow, and lots of it by viewing these movies.

This list won’t include popular holiday … Continue reading

Mother Cheryl Goes Swiftly at Skedaddle

One of the most popular of women USSSA National Team members, Cheryl Paulson, reminded snowshoers of her mountain power as she led the class to a victory in 1:12:04 at the 2013 Swift Skedaddle. In the 2012 version, Paulson won … Continue reading

Tuscobia Winter Ultras: Top 10 Reasons NOT to Drop at Any Distance

No matter the span, no matter the race: Whether Tuscobia’s 150, 75 or 35-mile options, running, biking, skiing or snowshoeing like I, time remained on the snow in Northern Wisconsin traipsing those abandoned rail trails where the mind would reverberate, … Continue reading

Glowingly Gorgeous: Pearl Izumi Select Softshell Gloves

It is rare to slip on a glove and feel transported to another level, but the Pearl Izumi Select Softshell entries did that for me. Pearl Izumi is a name of excellence, quality and artistic beauty born in their products; … Continue reading

Snowshoers Tractor Up Tortuous Truckee Trails

Northstar Resort’s Snowshoe Social & Race Series, a triad of races extending from December through March, kicked off the Western USSSA Division Qualifiers with its pre-Christmas event on December 22, 2012. Like the March competition, there is a 5 km … Continue reading

And They’re Off! USSSA Qualifiers Ring Jingle Bell

The countdown to the 2013 USSSA Dion Snowshoes Championship Race, Bend, OR is underway as the first of 37 qualifying races kicked off at the home of snowshoe racing, Paul Smith’s College, New York. For the second year Mother … Continue reading

In Dreams: Gifts of a Snowshoe Life

The iconic lyricist and musician with a compelling operatic voice, Roy Orbison, brought to life the world of dreams to a naïve radio population through his immortal “In Dreams.” His personal sadness and loss throughout a tortuous trail touches a … Continue reading

The Soup Changing the World: Hot Can’s Self-Heating Soup

Will wonders never cease?

With creations like the Hot Can, the answer is never; and thank goodness for innovation alive and well in the world. The ingenuity behind this regular sized soup can that heats itself HOT warms the soul … Continue reading

Legal in All 50 States: Joint Advantage by Wilderness Athlete

With recent votes allowing two states prescriptions for a here-to-before illegal drug, it is heartening to find Joint Advantage solving a major need with its only connection to the netherworld being the use of crack willow.

Turns out the bark … Continue reading

HydraPak’s Tamarack: Tangerine is the Smack

No better buddy-for-the-back exists for a feather-light rack holding 100-ounces of your favorite stack than the Tamarack. What better name for a snowshoe backpack than Tamarack with its origins tracing back to Native American languages for the wood used in … Continue reading

Snow Junkie Boots by VASQUE: Skip the Weathercast

A powerful producer in David Lynch’s Palme d’Or nominated “Mulholland Drive,” demands a special actress for a role in this movie-within-a-movie with the oft-repeated line: “This is the girl.”

The highly awarded VASQUE has its own cast of shoes, boots … Continue reading

No Confusion! Live to 100 with Wilderness Athlete’s Green Infusion?

Wilderness Athlete, the leader in advanced sports/outdoor nutrition, pushes the envelope with the secret powders of Green Infusion  packed with phytonutrients. The advantage? A healthier, longer life is more likely.

Phytonutrients (PN), meaning plant nutrients, provide anti-oxidants found naturally enough … Continue reading

Here’s How to Start Trail Racing: Harmon Farms 10 Mile

Contemplating how to add trail racing to your snowshoe racing and road racing calendar? Here’s how: pick an event like the Harmon Farms 10 Mile, enter, and go at it. If you’re not yet ready or confident for the … Continue reading

Eat Heat! The New “Thermal Energy Bar”

This all-natural energy bar packed with warming spices will stoke your fire when all other forms of warmth have left for the coast. It was 42 degrees on the trails one May morning; the breeze belied the fact summer officially … Continue reading

Colorado’s Mitch Kasyon and Family Go Rocking and Running Along

What does a sports family do after the 2012 USSSA Junior and Senior National Snowshoe Championships raced in the heart of the snow-covered Rockies? Go on a family Spring break vacation . . . and exercise! And of course, have … Continue reading

From Trails to Shakespeare, Osprey Escapist Multi-Sport Pack Will Take You There

An Osprey Escapist 30 allows a user to soar on trails, making way to destinations unknown with newfound maneuverability. Hovering and diving like the bird, one covers distance on foot or two wheels, continuously going forward with all cares temporarily … Continue reading

Wilderness Athlete’s Gnarly Bandit Ultra Trail Series: Record Field in 2012

The Wilderness Athlete Gnarly Bandit Ultra Trail Series begins in earnest as upper Midwest trails melt snow, seducing endurance athletes to complete the series selection of five of the countries gnarliest races. For 2012 a record 25 entrants have entered … Continue reading

Mitch Kasyon, Samantha Lewis Again Dominate USSSA Junior Championships

There he was, motoring up Heartbreak Hill, his Easton snowshoes churning step-by-step, pulling like a John Deere tractor, asking “What hill?” Mitch Kasyon never slowed in breezing to his second National USSSA Junior Championship title in a sizzling 23:24, a … Continue reading

USSSA says “Bonjour, Quebec!” at 2012 World Snowshoe Championships

Bonjour, Quebec! The 2012 World Snowshoe Championships are underway March 9-12, a three-day whirlwind tour of Canada’s largest province enjoying the wonders of the capital, Que’bec (recognized also as Quebec City). 70 km away rises the subarctic, evergreen coniferous forest … Continue reading

Will Colorado Junior Snowshoers Shine at the 5K 2012 Dion USSSA National Championships?

Darren Brungardt, host of the 2012 National DION Snowshoe USSSA Championships knows Colorado Junior racing (19 and below). He gives his views on the podium finishes. If you’re on it, post the article on the wall for motivation. If you’re … Continue reading

Colorado High School Dion USSSA Snowshoe State Championship Takes New PowerBar LMT Turns

The 2012 Frisco Colorado DION Snowshoes USSSA National Championship host, Darren Brungardt, found time in his 40-hour days to pen this account of his Love Me Tender State Snowshoe Championship Qualifier and how the USSSA National race course developed:

After … Continue reading

Nescopeck State Park Hosts Penn State Snowshoe Champ USSSA Qualifier

Two somewhat mud-ladened laps completed a 10 km Pennsylvania State Championship as a dearth of snowfall–thus far– has hampered races and race directors. Yet, the show without snow goes on, and racers have fun regardless. This annual event–do you remember … Continue reading

Highland Forest Dion USSSA Qualifier Challenges Snowshoers Once Again: Attack This Hill!

Chary Griffin, Race Director for the 2010 USSSA Dion National Snowshoe Champion, recreates that fun and historic course for the Highland Forest Snowshoe 5 km and 10 km with this command: “Come Conquer the Trail!”

Just in case you were … Continue reading

Picturesque Conditions Award Empire State Snowshoe Championship Dion USSSA Qualifier

An overnight five-inch snow fall coated the grounds, trees and trails in the Winona State Forest creating picturesque wintry conditions awarding the snowshoers ready to attack this challenging layout. Race Director, Matt Westerlund, could not have been happier as warm … Continue reading

King and Queen of Fairbanks Snowshoe Racing Crowned at Dion USSSA Qualifier

The Snowshoe Classic, Alaskan style, fashioned a noble finish indeed as snowshoe Series leader, Ben Nelson, clinched yet another race victory to seal his win for the annual Infinity Woodworks Dion Finnish Line Championship.

2007 USSSA medalist Chad Carroll reported, … Continue reading

Tomahawk’s Treehaven Tromp Tracks Twisted Terrain at USSSA Qualifier

All points lead to the new North Central Region qualifier, the Treehaven Tromp with mileage about 200 miles or more from major population destinations like Rockford, west of Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Madison. The 1400-acre park is a natural resource … Continue reading

All Acclimate! ALTITUDE ADVANTAGE Adjusts Abilities and Attitude

A wonder-bottle of sweet oxygen help at altitude is now available . . . in capsule form! Pack a pocketful and traipse on up to Frisco, CO, the main street for the Rockies, for the Dion Snowshoes USSSA National Snowshoe Continue reading

Double State Championships for Curly’s Record Run

The first decade of the annual Curly’s Record Run Snowshoe Race celebrated with snow and an engaging snowshoe run, reason enough for celebration. That there was snow for this race was a major highlight in the region, but the fact … Continue reading

Jared Scott Flags the Win at Flagstaff’s Kahtoola Snow-or-No USSSA Qualifier

Winners abound in Flagstaff’s annual snowfest—who doesn’t think of Arizona with snow-covered saguaros, Prickly Pear Cactuses spearing icy flakes—one of the USSSA’s most enthusiastic qualifiers in the schedule.

It all started back in a not-unsimilar year when the snow was … Continue reading

Montreal’s LePorho Exhibits World Championship Form, Sets Record at Vermont Snowshoe Challenge

David LePorho demonstrated his snowshoe acumen at the 11th Northern Vermont Snowshoe Challenge, an 8 km adventure into the wonderful world of Smuggler’s Notch. The reigning 2011 World Snowshoe Champion set a new course record by over a minute (set … Continue reading

Jake Rhyner Takes Phillips Flurry by Storm in Snowshoe Nationals Qualifying

Hot snowshoe racing is already a hallmark at the Phillips Flurry Phillips, Wisconsin, in only its second year. Jake Rhyner zipped the snow-packed course in a dominating 44:36, nearly three minutes quicker than Brent Kann’s inaugural race victory in 2011. … Continue reading

Raitters Rule! Mt. Shasta Nordic Center Dion USSSA Snowshoe Qualifier

Sarah Raitter, pulling along her training partner Bill Raitter, tied at the line for the 2012 Mt. Shasta Snowshoe Race win held annually at the popular Mt. Shasta Nordic Center, open since 2006, “Where Quality Predominates.” The pair, both two-time Continue reading

Braveheart Slays Snowshoe Shuffle’s Icy Longshanks

Off the line like a ball shot from a Scottish cannon, Jim McDonnel lept to lead the start of the seventh Snowshoe Shuffle Joe Holewa Memorial. Running in trail shoes as 2012’s winter has thrown its own fire into … Continue reading

Travis Macy Teaches Lesson in Snowshoe Racing at Dion USSSA Colorado State Championship

Travis Macy snowshoed away with the Colorado State Snowshoe Championship, a race that is part of the Pedalpower Snowshoe Adventure Series, with a commanding win at 52:49. His deep snow performance lays down the gauntlet for the DION Snowshoes Continue reading

Scott Gall Wins Iowa State Championship Chased by Ultra Running Pack Plus Wife, Sarah

Leave it to USSSA National Team Member, Scott Gall, to take all of his snowshoe racing experiences and design a wicked course for the 2012 Iowa State Championships. Also counting as a Dion Snowshoe United States Snowshoe Association National Championship Continue reading

Big Duel Continues at Michigan’s Bigfoot Dion USSSA National Championship Qualifier

Awakening to an ideal day for snowshoe racing, race director Randy Step became the envy of many events in North America in this weird warmth afflicting the heart of national championship qualifying and state competition. “Race day dawned for the … Continue reading

Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival Offers Widest Variety of Distances in USSSA Qualifying Calendar

The Kahtoola Bigfoot Snowshoe Festival is a feast of distances with a smorgasbord of five different events covering the Utah snow from the ultra 50 km, marathoners 26.2 miles, hearty 25 km, the USSSA qualifying 10 km, and Mr. Quick, … Continue reading

Knees Agree! Ergodyne ProFlex Knee Sleeve 620 Solves Pain Like Major Dundee

Director and miscreant, Sam Peckinpah, created a spectacle in his controversial 1965 feature Major Dundee detailing the life of Major Amos Dundee fighting and swaggering through the wild wild territory we know call the Southwest. Ultimately, the experience led to … Continue reading

White Snow Blankets White River Dion USSSA Snowshoe National Qualifier

Ship some of that two feet of NEW snow to destinations East as the drought of snow has crippled some national qualifiers and state championships. But not the X-Dog Event flagged off the line at beautiful Mt. Hood’s White River … Continue reading

South Dakota’s First-Ever Dumont Dion USSSA Qualifier Blows Away Results

New history developed on the famed Mickelson Trail as the first United States Snowshoe Association Qualifying Race for the national snowshoe championships ever conducted in South Dakota was held on a very special 10-km piece of the snow blown trails. … Continue reading

Maine’s Dion USSSA Snowshoe Championship Qualifier: USA’s Best Snowshoe Bargain

How could one overlook racing this joint state championship and national qualifier in northwestern Hancock County? Only 10 clams—along with lobsters, Maine’s most prevalent seafood—for their registration, reflecting the values of the prudent residents of the country’s most eastern state. … Continue reading

Wilderness Athletes Arch Winteriffic’s DION USSSA Minnesota State Champs, National Qualifier

Oh, for the lack of an inch. A fluffy snow accumulation arriving Friday just missed the depth necessary to snowshoe these relentless switchback trails at the Murphy-Hanrehan State Park in Savage, Minn. Race Directors Mike and Colleen Millonig told me, … Continue reading

Mendon Ponds Winterfest DION Snowshoe USSSA National Championship Qualifier Has Additional Benefit

A classic two-for-one is a big benefit for the 2012 Winterfest Snowshoe Race. In addition to qualifying for the United States Snowshoe Association’s National Championship in Frisco, Colorado, February 24-26, 2011, a participant could also qualify for the New York … Continue reading

15th Annual Rail Trail DION USSSA Qualifier Leads Sundance Film Festival

Park City’s 7000 acres of preserved lands serve as the blueprint for 350 miles of trails to be enjoyed by all. Some come to race it, like this annual event, or enjoy a winter’s stroll; some arrive for the famed … Continue reading

Cowboys Snowshoe Wyoming’s Snowy Range Dion USSSA Qualifier

Inaugural Snowy Range Snowshoe Races in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest hit the mark. With their 9,000 feet elevations and some 3-million acres (including the Thunder Basin National Grasslands), plenty of space is open for a championship caliber race. Alec … Continue reading

USSSA Qualifying Reaches Carolina “The Old North State”

The Dion Snowshoes USSSA National Championship Qualifying Races made their first ever foray into North Carolina, perhaps holding the state’s first ever snowshoe race here, period. Held at the highest altitude city along the Eastern seaboard, Beech Mountain at over … Continue reading

Drifts Lift Swift Skedaddle’s Gifts

A snowshoe race here in the heart of the Central Rockies is a gift from the Gods of elegance, purity, and all things amazing. How much beauty can one take in? This area has it all. With a fresh snow, … Continue reading

ERGODYNE’S N-Ferno Knit Cap: Best ‘Boggin for the Noggin

One would never take their laptop into the cold wilderness without keeping it warm, protected . . . and safe. Otherwise, those awful words—Error Message—will flash incessantly, and the thing just stops.

The body’s computer—now known as the iBrain?—needs warmth, … Continue reading

Jingle Bells Snowshoe Qualifier Opens Snowless

The 12th season of the United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) qualifying snowshoe events kicked off December 10, 2011, with the 18th annual Jingle Bell Snowshoe Race on the dirt at the birthplace of competitive U.S. snowshoeing, Paul Smith’s College. This … Continue reading

Wilderness Athlete’s 2012 Gnarly Bandit Ultra Trail Series

Are you tough enough? The Wilderness Athlete 2012 Gnarly Bandit Ultra Trail Series schedule is official; the Gnarly Bandit himself crawled out of hibernation in his barn to approve it.

Wilderness Athlete, the nutritional authority on outdoor performance nutrition, raised … Continue reading

Icebreaker’s Cascade Jacket: Made with a Woman in Mind

How would I know the Icebreaker’s Realfleece Cascade Jacket is made with a woman in mind? I wouldn’t; that’s why Icebreaker sent nature lover and exercise addict Amanda Beauvais on a several month journey living with her Cascade Hooded Jacket.… Continue reading

Snowshoeing Season Gearing up to be Huge for CO Racers

The BIG question: Can Darren Brungardt order up another winter wonderland for the Dion Snowshoes United States Snowshoe Nationals February 24-26, 2012? And similar to the “walled-in” Colorado State High School championship course in last February’s “endless ribbon” cutting through … Continue reading

Icebreaker’s Sierra Hood Better-Than-Good! Understood?

If an Icebreaker 260 Realfleece Sierra Hood was a car, it would be a Maserati: technically perfect, performance to the nth-degree, tailored for the comfort of its owner, but with a cost more like a Mustang Boss. Unlike any hot … Continue reading

Popular Cross-Training Culture for Runners and Walkers: Snowshoeing!

Canadian writer, Christine Blanchette, learned to love snowshoeing in her small hometown of Richmond, Quebec (near Montreal) but now resides in the densely populated Vancouver. Even living in the cosmopolitan

“Hollywood North” as this city of film is known, Ms. … Continue reading

10 Snowshoe Tips for Race-Day Success

The snowshoe racing season is underway! Major annual events occur as the USSSA Dion Snowshoe National Championship Qualifiers begin their calendar in December, culminating at the February 24-26, 2012 Frisco, CO championship event. Here are ideas to consider for an … Continue reading

Is PreRace.com Snowshoe Racing’s Olympic Leap?

In an alliance that may rank in importance with the birth of the United States Snowshoe Association’s National Championships, and the association’s multi-year full-race sponsorship by the visionary Dion Snowshoes, PreRace.com explodes on the scene with the opportunity to drive … Continue reading

New Hero of Snowshoeing You Don’t Know—or Why—Yet

In the most unlikely source of vital snowshoeing news, the Wall Street Journal, comes a game changing submission printed in the Letters to the Editor, Saturday-Sunday November 19-20, 2011 edition from whom? Let’s just call him Mr. Graham for the … Continue reading

Developing Young Snowshoe Athletes: Coach Stan Lambros Gives Colorado Gold Secrets

There is plenty of gold in the Rockies, but golden words can provide more nuggets of value than the valuable metal. A visionary coach like Cheyenne Mountain High School’s Stan Lambros, Boys Cross-Country 2010 Coach of the Year, has the … Continue reading

The Ten Best Snowshoe Films: Snowshoeing with James Bond and the Sundance Kid

The best movies, television programming and cartoons featuring the art of snowshoeing are ranked in order for the first time ever, just in time for gift buying and winter watching in those extra-dark hours. And how about this: stars who … Continue reading

A W.A. Day: Wilderness Athlete Performance for You and Me

A blow lasting day and night caused challenges with dirt, dust and wood debris on the trail, but covering tracks with my new best friend, the Wilderness Athlete full-scale backpack, helped to attack the paths one step at a time. … Continue reading

Trails Considerably Further East of Conscious

With the nighttime moon reflecting off Gitchee Gumee while soaking in the sheer delight of making way on the stupendous Superior Hiking Trails on my own, countless others were doing the same throughout the country and the globe for that matter.


It must have been spirits of “Addicted to Love” writer and vocalist Robert Palmer running with me on the steep rocky bluffs overlooking Duluth; alternatively, perhaps those of Dr Jeff Kildahl, nutrition health editor of Snowshoe Magazine.


Each sang their own version of surrender to the doctor dirt with lyrics sounding somewhat like this: “I got a bad case of lovin' you . . .”

The History of Snowshoe Racing Around the World – Elmore’s Book!

"The history of the world...in phone numbers" is a line in Mulholland Drive, as a David Lynch movie-character describes another's personal black book. From this preview of the book-to-come on global snowshoe racing conceived and constructed by the sports' best fan in the Milky Way, USSSA Sports Director Mark Elmore, the reader traces the history of the world . . . in snowshoe racing.

Superior Forests Natter at Superior 50 Km

Sacrificial offerings of knees and hands are not uncommon for these rooty, rocky trails. Obstacles mystically occur on the way in for this out-and-back venue. The forests called out . . .

Giving the Glad Hand to Ergodyne’s ProFlex Gloves

Your hand is constructed of 27 bones. Hurt one of them, they're all going to hurt you right back. But can't I use the gloves in my van down by the river?

Keep Knees in Line with Sleeves Ergodyne

Go ahead, admit it. Your knees aren't quite what they used to be.

Governments want your money; pay up. Pain wants relief. Sleeve up.

See the Future with Ergodyne’s Glowear PowerCap

That little light strapped on your noggin bouncing around when you're wearing it at night, the flashlight you drop down a ravine after slipping on a climb . . . all a thing of the past when you don the coolest headgear in a fortnight, Ergodyne's Glowear PowerCap with it's just discovered secret capability.

About Female Runners and Stress Fractures

“Stress fractures are common in runners, predominantly in females.  Running causes micro fractures in the bones of the legs.” From this opening, Gary Moller, an accomplished endurance athlete and Nutritional Medicine Consultant provides a host of information that can surprisingly benefit all, even males. “Stress fractures occur more often in female runners because . . . “


Barkley Ultra 2011: Squashing You Like a Bug

Meeting the Group of 7, finding Conch shells in Tennessee, searching for a Pig's head, eating more Chinese Buffets than a Beijing native, sleeping at the home of “the bomb,” Oak Ridge . . . read this delightfully engaging, funny, and engineering-precise tour of the 2011 Barkley as told by traveling ultra-envoy, Al Holtz.

To the Principal’s Office! Lessons from Atlas Star Greg Hexum

Study these championship snowshoe-racing lessons from two-time USSSA National Winner, Minnesota's Greg Hexum. No better cheat sheet — what leaders are thinking in a race — is available for earning a coveted spot on the USSSA National Team. Nothing like this tutorial . . .

Chippewa, Superior, Zumbro and 2011

Here is a forecast: trail-racing popularity is now officially exploding and will continue growing from here. Ultrarunning Magazine reported race results and finishers were profoundly up in 2010 and expected to zoom in 2011. Here are some good examples why:

National Champ ‘Sam’ Lewis Credits What for Track Improvement?

The two-time National USSSA Girl's Junior Champion is tearing up tracks and roads already in the young Colorado season .  .  . Makes one wonder what led to this improvement.

Massanutten Myths 2011: Holtz Bolts, Feet Revolt

A constant on the trails is finding legend Al Holtz from the Twin Cities, Minnesota; perhaps better said is “seeing” Holtz with his unique bottle strapping system, hat program, and occasionally, a lumberjack beard. His reports are terrific reads. He is allowing us to publish his recent assault on the Massanutten.  You better read it -- you just might be mentioned. Like John Taylor. And Susan Donnelly.

‘Dude, That Was Hard!’ Durango’s Winter Warrior

Coach Steve Ilg helps his winter warriors achieve transformation. One example is morphing fitness training into a spiritual practice. In Durango, that's called the Winter Warrior Snowshoe Race. Now about the pure pain part . . .

Why Do This? Combine Mountain Bikes and Mountain Runs

Why do this? Combining the art of mountain biking with the insanity of tortuous trail runs. The answer is easy: masochistic tendencies for extended athletic pain and effort. We travelled the net to New Zealand finding the answer by asking endurance athlete, Gary Moller, with his academic qualifications that would take a 50 km race to list. Here's what you need to know right now . . .

Guilty! The Charge? Fitness Nut

I was recently introduced as a fitness nut, which I thought was crackers

WARNING! Don’t Go Without The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Having The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running is like owning a skyscraper with the floors packed full of all things trail as professionals such as authors, Nancy Hobbs and Adam W. Chase, remain ready at your beck and call on every page. No elevators in this tower of knowledge . . .

You’re Darn Tootin’ You’ll Love Trail Newtons!

Whether your running shoes use air, gel, foam or jello — jello? — to absorb the shock of landing a foot, none will match the science of Sir Isaac's principles integrated into Newton Running, pushing your feet up, up and away like a built-in pocket-rocket.

Year of the 27s: 2011 Ron Daws 25 Km

The 32nd version of this unique spring distance tune-up produced history...

Wilderness Athlete Puts Bounty on Gnarly Bandit Ultra Trail Series

Now Wilderness Athlete is again leading the way with a $500 bounty for finishers in the Gnarly Bandit Ultra Trail Series. Here's how to get your share:

Hartmark Leads Gall in Men’s Dion USSSA Championship

When Duluth's Eric Hartmark won the inaugural Exeter Marathon (RI) in 2:21 he led by 20 minutes at the line. Imagine the difference of pressure at the front today as he was matched shoe-for-shoe by the one snowshoer best qualified to pounce like a snow tiger if he erred: multiyear National Team member, Scott Gall of Iowa . . .

CO Women Snow Mo at 2011 Dion USSSA Championships

Colorado women attacked the hills of Cable, Wisconsin's famed snow courses, discovering gold momentum as Brandy Erholtz (top photo), Evergreen (a Minnesota native), won her second senior women's national title, coupled with Samantha (Sam) Lewis, Boulder, nailing a consecutive junior girl's championship.

Three Old Guys and Dame: USAF OAY Cheryl Moore Snowshoes Nationals

“Three Old Guys and a Dame:” The story of Outstanding Airmen of the Year winner, Cheryl Moore, the newest competitor arriving at Lakewoods Resorts, Cable, Wisconsin, for the 2011 Dion USSSA National Championships. Read of her award winning USAF career taken to a new level in the world of snowshoe racing -- and some catchy words, too. And, what about those eggs?

Endorphin Junkies Race White River at Hood USSSA Qualifier

Snowshoe Magazine

When you are the largest, oldest, and ‘Fun-est' snowshoe race in the West, you just get an attitude that is infectious to those who race it and those who wish they could.

Big Foot Found at Traverse City Dion USSSA Qualifier

Big Foot identified at the Big Foot Boogie Qualifier, Michigan, and he bops and hops on the snow better than anyone else.

Glacial Park Dion USSSA Qualifier: Five Times a 2K Adventure

Glacial Park enters the Qualifying list for the USSSA with a welcoming tough course to challenge those willing to enter its historic gates of ice.

No Jive! Tilton Wins Five at Sidehiller Dion USSSA Qualifier

Kevin Tilton owns the Sidehiller Dion USSSA National Championship qualifier or so it seems as he has dominated once again for his fifth straight victory here

Racing the Clouds at Sun Valley’s Dion USSSA Qualifier

The White Clouds Mountains and their snow-covered trails lift snowshoers to the sky with peaks visible above 11,000 feet.  Welcome to the Sun Valley Nordic and Snowshoe Center in the backyard of the world famous Sun Valley Lodge and the stunning terrain -- perfect place for a USSSA Championship showdown at high noon!

Vinland National Center’s Winning Winter Walkabout

Vinland National Center, Loretto, Minnesota, uses their Winter Walkabout snowshoe day as a fun and successful model for non-profits raising awareness and funds. But what has Norway got to do with it?

Wilderness Athlete’s Mountain Berry Energy Gel: How Good?

What would YOU do with Wilderness Athlete's Mountain Berry Energy Gel, tasting berrier than raspberry preserves?

Fairbanks Snowshoe Classic Qualifier: Heat Wave Wins!

Times of negative temperatures for this enduring Dion Snowshoes USSSA National Championship qualifier must be in the past as this year these hardy Alaskan snowshoers enjoyed a cozy ten-degree temperature and temperament.

Big Foot Spotted at Kahtoola Snowshoe Festival Qualifier

Here is the Big Foot spotted for 2011: By finishing a 50 km snowshoe race at age 50 with 50 minutes margin ahead of a supreme effort for second, the overall winner is . . .

Competitor Hot List: Dion USSSA Championship Nationals

Snowshoe Magazine

This is an update on athletes qualified to compete at the Dion Snowshoes USSSA 2011 National Snowshoe Championships March 11 - 13, Cable, Wis. These summaries were provided in an interview with USSSA Sports Director, the infamous Mark Elmore.

Mark cautioned . . .

Christmas at Northstar Resort Dion Snowshoe USSSA Qualifier

What to do before Christmas? Race snowshoes, of course. Get rid of stress, have fun, rejoice in the beauty of deep snow at the Northstar Resort. Sounds genteel enough; that is until you look at the course layout.

Colorado State Championship Qualifier: USSSA’s Toughest?

When you line up at the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center start line, do not bring your wimpy game to play. Race director, Bruce Kelly, doesn't allow such a thing. Why? Because . . .

Mendon Hills Dion Snowshoes USSSA Qualifier Adds Frill!

Mendon Hills remains a throwback race with the basics ruling and no frills one of those basics. However, two steps (frills?) were added this year. Can you name them?

Silverthorne’s Swift Skedaddle Qualifier Skedaddles Start

Here is a start for you: Downhill! What a concept (see photo).

Elk Luv Day at Love Me Tender Qualifier

The sun was brightly shining, and the "epic" powder that has dumped over 3.5 feet of snow at the race site made this year's race a memorable one. The elk had made encampments all along the race trail. The weight of their massive bodies created snow forts all along the trail . . .

Penn State Qualifies Seven for Dion Snowshoe USSSA Nationals

Nescopeck State Park hosts this annual snowshoe fest in Pennsylvania, as the yellow brick road for traveling to the Dion USSSA Nationals here is traveling Honey Hole Road.

A Snow Record Qualifier at Kahtoola Snow or No

A record turnout determines what? That local favorite, Jared Scott, still takes the win with this one advantage . . . He's wearing Kathoola's famous snowshoes with the detachable shoe? No! He's wearing Kahtoola's new Racing snowshoe . . .

Mt. Shasta Qualifier Gets Off-Piste for Fun and Pleasure

Robert Jones won the men's 9 Km qualifier, but get this: He was second overall, which means . . .

Smuggler’s Notch Snowshoe Qualifier Notches Its 10th

Snowshoe Magazine

Smugglers Notch Resort Nordic Center marked a big date with its tenth annual snowshoe race and family snowshoe festival. The winner has some history, too . . .

Enter Enchanted Forest: DION Snowshoes USSSA Qualifier

New Mexico enters the Qualifying calendar for the 2011 Dion Snowshoes USSSA National Championships with this enthralling race, the Low 02 Snowshoe Challenge in the Enchanted Forest. In legend, an enchanted forest is where strange things can occur with strange people -- hey, that's snowshoe racing.

King Boreas Winner at First St. Paul Winter Carnival Snowshoe

Hard packed by the previous cross-country ski race and marked by skijoring "dog doo" the inaugural King Boreas 7.5 km snowshoe race was a fast affair with early sections momentarily dipping into sub-6 minute mile pace.

Winterrific Snowshoe Racers Enjoy Savage Single-Track Course

A blast of flying snow started the six-mile race as snowshoe racers churned up the opening 3/4-mile of open field single-track at the Murphy-Hanrehan State Park in the southern Twin Cities suburb of Savage, Minnesota.

Boulder Lake USSSA Qualifier Features Frigid Two-Way Day

It was a glacial day, and the temperatures plummeted to . . . well it was just plain cold let's leave it at that. However, the wind was calm, thank goodness. The snowshoers and the other racers, cross-country skiers, warmed the day with heated races and scorching finishes . . . and a unique start.

Lakewoods’ USSSA Championship Course: Test for a Mountain Goat!

PC Rasmussen, Lakewood's owner, takes challenges seriously. Therefore, when Wisconsin's John Kann the 2010 USSSA National Championship gold medalist for the 55-59 class said the course should be tougher after they laid out an initial version, PC brought in his secret weapon -- the other side of “M” or, like the movie goes, Dial ‘M' for Misery. See it here first:

Still Time! Winterrific Distance Snowshoe Races in Twin Cities’ Back Yard

For any big distance in Midwest snowshoeing, one had to trek to Duluth, Minnesota -- until the Northwoods retired at a peak in 2009 and left a void. Stepping in to fill the slot and a convenient southern edge of the Twin Cities metro location, too, is the Winterrific Snowshoe Races and its several choices in the quiet woods next to the hubbub of metro life.

Innovation Skyrockets with SnowXu Collapsible Snowshoes

As happens in technology labs and medical devices, breakthroughs bubble up from entrepreneurs just like Deb Kreutzer and her team. Working with tight budgets at her self-described farmette in a rural community and with little outside encouragement, she and her dedicated snowshoe team have gone and done it: Here they are, the world's first collapsible snowshoes with the just announced name: SnoXu.

Save Face! With the ColdAvenger Mask

If you snowshoe in cold weather -- well, duh! -- you need a Talus ColdAvenger Mask. As the fellow declares in an infomercial about an unrelated product: “If ya' got a brain in ya' head . . .”

Win Big Money on Small Snowshoes: Beaver Creek’s SS Series

A major move up the food chain of snowshoe series comes roaring out of the Rockies like a blizzard. The Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series now offers big bread for prize money: $15,000. That is a lot of dough!

Shake-Up Better Performance? Wilderness Athlete’s Great Shakes

This may be the only opportunity you will get to have your cake and drink it, too.

USSSA Announces All-Military Division Roger’s Rangers Trophy

The winter of 1755 was particularly severe at Fort William Henry in an area we now know as New York in the northeastern USA. One group was out and fighting for the cause in winter blizzards in what is now remembered as the French and Indian War. This is their honor; this is their story.

Hot Bed of Snowshoeing: The WMAC Dion Snowshoe Series

Could you have imagined: The rapid adoption of snowshoeing in the USA has led to the growth of multiple snowshoe race series throughout the country. Historically the granddaddy of all series, the Western Massachusetts Athletic Club Dion Snowshoe Series, launches the competitive season in Florida.

Create a V-Box Combo from Goldtoe Moretz

This is almost a secret combo, only discovered at Snowshoe Magazine by accident. Even GoldToe does not know of it.  Why, you ask? Open your mind and prepare to be surprised!

New Senior National Championship Trophies Unveiled by USSSA

The United States Snowshoe Association acknowledges two of its finest champions and medalists by naming the Senior Women's and Men's National Championship Trophies in their honor. Mark Elmore, USSSA Sports Director, announced . . .

The Best Thanksgiving Day Races in the World?

Whatever the name, Turkey Day runs have proliferated, becoming as much of a tradition as the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. What was the name of the race you were in? One stands out as quite special. Find out here . . .

Sawtooth 100 Included on Elite List of Ultras

The Sawtooth 100, one of the premier 100 mile trail ultra endurance events, is now considered a test for competing in one of the grand daddies of the sport, the Hardrock 100. Joining 18 other events, including . . .

PowerSox for Boots Found in Cahoots With Feet!

When Goldtoe Moretz developed the powerful PowerSox Merino Wool Boot Sock, they must have thought they should receive all of the credit for creating such a comfortable, cushioned sock. Our investigation uncovered a happy clue. A photo reveals the source.

What Halloween and Thanksgiving Have in Common

It is not pumpkins on Halloween and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, though that is not bad. The carved pumpkin gives a new clarity of T.S Eliot's famed "The Hollow Man" by the time turkey days roll around. How about some of the best -- defined here as great names -- trail races of the year providing not only a spirited time but also holiday appropriate shirts and gear. Is this your favorite race, the one in Palmer Lake Colorado called . . .

Energizer’s Ultimate Headlight Shines at Wild Duluth 100 km

Guess who I found is using the Energizer Ultimate Headlight, the one with the L.E.D.'s  . . . think speedy, and you will have a clue. Also, I discovered more proof this headlight is the Ultimate in headlights, beaming out like a Duluth ore ship.

Helping You See the Future Better: Lens Jackets

When the future looks bad, you can't see the way back home, I need help, please hold my hand! No! Better still, do this: get the nifty "best new friend" of you glasses or shades, Lens Jackets. All that may be wrong in your life is, simply, your lenses are dirty, scratched, pocked or chocked . . . Here's how to fix it:

Ultras at Wild Duluth Yield Sleuth Truth

The most perfect of a fall day invited ultra trailites to untangle the mysteries of the new Grand Portage trail addition to the mix of twists and turns, climbs and rocks that comprise this intriguing course. On one of the country's ten best 100 km layouts, a single athlete outdistances all...

A Shark for the Dark: The Prism AA Quark Flashlight

Your tiny friend in the dark, this new addition from 4Sevens Lights continues their tradition of creative engineering -- at the speed of light, it seems -- pushing ingenious thought to the limit. See, they have this attachment . . .

‘Blaze’ a New Trail with Secret Wilderness Athlete Combo

Not available in any other form, but combine this special mix of two intriguing Wilderness Athlete products for a feeling that was best described by rugged mountain firefighters. They called it 'Superman.' Now you can share that strength and learn the formula . . .

The Love of Your Leg: Injinji’s Ex-Celerator Performance Toesock

The new rage in sock wear is compression, helping your lower legs circulate valuable bodily fluids up and away versus making your foot a storage jug. Injinji leaps to the front of the field with their entry, the Ex-Celerator Performance Toesocks.

Simply stated, there's none better.

A Honey from the Bunny: Energizer’s Ultimate Headlight

If you think only famous names in trail and snowshoe headlights make quality headlamps, and battery companies only manufacture batteries, you'll miss a gigantic leap in engineering and a hop to the front of the wearable headlight class by the Energizer Bunny's lithium LED entry. Why you need to know this is . . .

Zumbro Falls Post-Flood: Empathetic Hearts Rule

Ultrarunners gathered at the Pederson ranch in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota, after a devasting example of the power of the Zumbro River when on steroids, representing in microcosm the heart of trail racing throughout the country. This group by proxy shows the deep human spirit one gathers foot-by-foot, making way on steep, unforgiving paths.

Course Charming for 2010 Harmon Farms Five & Ten Mile

What a perfect day for quick times and an entertaining race in the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities as cool temperatures and low clouds provided a perfect backdrop. The dirt trails are like the Superior Trails, way up north, except . . .

In Yon Rain Floods Emotions at In Yan Teopa 10 Mile

A freakish multiday rain deluge in southern Minnesota left towns and farms devastated with ten inches that uniquely created Lake Interstate 35, thereby closing the main southern escape route out of the state. If you live in the city of  Zumbro Falls, as do race directors Larry and Colleen Pederson, on the banks of the roaring Zumbro River, the outcome is . . .

How to be Half-Wild at Wild Duluth’s Ultra Trail Races

Due to runner demand for a shorter distance offering at the  Wild Duluth Ultra Trail Races of 50 km and 100 km, Andy and Kim Holak are adding a new, last minute race, the "Harder 'n Hell"

Improve Your Race Results – And Life – With Wilderness Athlete Mountain Mocha Gel

Need a way to get that win on a trail ultra? Need to pass that snowshoer whipping you to the finish line? Here's how: first, change your stinkin' thinkin' where past results have tainted your view of gels. You may have worn out stomaching something that wasn't providing the results you were promised, yet you kept at it until . . . until you stopped.

Making Dark Blacker: Storm Slams Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile

As if humping up and down these mountains with  black new-moon light wasn't challenging enough, an on-and-off again predicted rain slammed the course and created fog limiting vision to inches. Arriving at midnight with a sudden cold, the additional challenge created finishers with fortitude worthy of Gitchee Gumee. New idea . . . how about

Going Birke! Dion Snowshoes 2011 USSSA Championships Set for Cable, Wisconsin

The best snowshoe competitors in North America are invading Birkebeiner territory March 11-13 to contest the 2011 Dion Snowshoes USSSA National Snowshoe Championships. Landing at the famed Lakewoods Resort in Cable,Wisconsin, they will be greeted with hospitality honed over 100-years and a heritage extending to five generations. It just happens . . .

Dim Bulb Tests Lithium Batteries at 2 a.m.

You are burning those new LED flashlights for long night 100-mile quests. You need lithium batteries popularly made by a wild bunny named Energizer. They have two choices. I tested them for you in the middle of the night. But, what about that tree . . . .