About Rose Doucet

Rose Doucet is a freelance writer living in New Brunswick, Canada where there is often six months of winter. She enjoys snowshoeing in the woods behind her house, observing nature and tracking wildlife. In the off season you'll find her in the kitchen, her vegetable gardens or swimming in the brook. Contact with nature is a part of Rose's daily routine and has helped shape her outlook on life in general. She passed on her love of nature to her children and now has a grandson who's already a budding naturalist.


Yoga in the Snow

Just as the snowshoe season was getting underway, an old back problem flared up. A trip to the chiropractor reassured me I should continue to stay active. “Let your pain guide your activity” was my doctor’s welcome advice, with one … Continue reading

Getting Back on Track: Lyme Disease Recovery

It was a typical fall morning in 2011 when, on the last steep hill of my daily hike, I felt like I couldn’t possibly take another step without passing out. The sudden and intense onset of extreme exhaustion made me … Continue reading

Trekkin’ with Toddlers: Passing on the Snowshoeing Tradition

Our toddler grandson, Jack, loves to spend time in the woods behind our house here on the east coast of Canada. He also loves to get out in the snow. Our oft time, six month winter meant we were going … Continue reading

The Foraged Feast

Knowing what to eat in a survival situation is a great skill to have, but there’s more to eating wild food than the need to stay alive. Foraging is a great way to ramp up your encounter with nature and … Continue reading

Ticked Off: Protect Yourself from Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is now the fastest growing vector-borne disease in North America. The CDC has upped their estimate of new cases from 30,000 to 300,000 a year in the U.S. In Canada, where denial is still rampant, the government says … Continue reading

Wilderness Camping in the Maritime Provinces – Part 2: Best with a Buddy

The moral and physical support that comes from wilderness hiking with a buddy is invaluable. For Danielle Griffin and Cameron Ough, roughing it together on the Fundy Footpath was the perfect challenge for their survival skills. And it turns out … Continue reading

Wilderness Camping in the Maritime Provinces – Part 1: Going Solo

Glamping may be the new camping, but the desire for a primitive experience in the wild will never go out of style. And opportunities for wilderness camping on the Canadian east coast are plentiful. The tiny provinces of Nova Scotia … Continue reading

A New Found Passion: Wildlife Tracking and Identification

There’s a plethora of wildlife activity on my rural New Brunswick property. Little red squirrels chatter warnings to each other of impending danger. Giant Pileated woodpeckers, with their tropical sounding “wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk”, jack hammer on a big … Continue reading

Moonlight Madness: Old-fashioned Hospitality and Entertainment

Snowshoe socials were once a winter pastime in rural New Brunswick. Scarce daylight hours meant getting creative when it came to community activities. And daytime responsibilities limited what could be accomplished. Families made the most of winter by hosting evening … Continue reading