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On the Right Track in Lake Placid

Our plan for the weekend is simple: Hit as many snowshoe trails as we can. We're lucky that a few days before a huge storm dumped two feet of snow over the entire Adirondack Park in New York. Having enough depth to cover the rocky trails this late in the season won't be a problem.

ColdAvenger Pro: Warming the Air You Breathe

If you're not into freezing body parts and/or you have trouble breathing in winter's frigid air, Talus Outdoor Technologies has developed the ColdAvenger Pro facemask as a solution.

Winter-spiration Book List

Looking for some inspiration to embrace the cold and snow of winter? Snowshoers usually have no trouble wanting to get outside and play in the snow, but what about those days where the thought of that initial blast of cold makes it tough to get out the door? The first few shocking minutes can sometimes be a significant barrier to our enjoyment.

Elemental Herbs Skin Products: Pure Protection from Winter Elements

I'm on the low-maintenance end of the skin care spectrum, but when I find a product that is pure and simple and keeps me protected from the elements I spend so much time in, I can forge an instant appreciation.

Gear Review: Icebreaker Ultralite T-Shirts for Trail Running

Merino wool is usually thought of as a winter garment, but the Ultralite series of merino garments from Icebreaker are also perfect for trail running in the warmer seasons. The natural fiber of Superfine merino wool from New Zealand breathes and insulates incredibly well, and has a luxurious feel next to your skin. The natural fibers don't become smelly either – a big plus for active users.

Gear Review: Ultimate Direction Wasp and Wink Hydration Packs

With summer approaching, snow-free trails are beckoning for us to stay out longer and longer. With the increase in heat and humidity, hydration becomes increasingly important. For very long runs, a good hydration pack is often the best option.

Gear Review: Sugoi Helium Jacket

Sometimes it feels like a jacket weighs you down and gets in the way. Not so with Sugoi's super lightweight and silky-thin Helium Jacket. At less than 100 grams (3 oz.), this jacket is designed to move with you. It is a perfect jacket for high-intensity snowshoe outings, including snowshoe running.

Snowshoe the Canadian Rockies: Banff National Park

At our home in Ontario, winter has yet to arrive, but we had a snowy sneak preview of the season in Banff National Park in October. An hour west of Calgary in the Canadian Rockies, this massive wilderness park has already received several snowfalls.  The week we were visiting the area, much of it had melted and there wasn't enough accumulation for snowshoes. Still, we were treated to a few snow-covered trails for our runs, and were able to scout out some spots that would be perfect for later in the season with snowshoes.

Gear Review: Teko Socks

If you're attracted to win-win situations for your feet and the planet, Teko makes the socks for you. They feel amazing to wear and offer great technical features, plus you can feel good about the company's environmental ethics. Their motto and mission statement is: “best socks ON the planet; best socks FOR the planet”, and they certainly live up to that ideal.

Gear Review: Moving Comfort Sports Bras

Moving Comfort was established in 1977 when its founders wanted to make a line of workout clothing designed specifically for women's bodies and movement. Since then, the company has stayed true to that vision, with their motto “A fit woman is a powerful woman."