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Sherry enjoys the outdoors, running, biking and kayaking, traveling, the mountains and the beach. She has published more than 600 articles, taking on anything that interests her these days. Visit her website for more information and a selection of published articles, a few photos, a mention of my poetry: www.sherryhanson.com. After 21 years on the Maine Coast, Sherry relocated to Portland Oregon in 2013.


Maine Guide Snowshoes: The Real Deal

snowshoes overlooking mountains

Companies with a real passion for their product can be hard to come by these days. However, recently, we connected with Maine Guide Snowshoes, and they are the real deal. Maine Guide Snowshoes not only has a passion for what … Continue reading

Building and Maintaining Endurance For Snowshoeing

man ascending a hill in snowshoes

By achieving a high level of endurance, you’ll be able to go stronger and longer on your snowshoes. Pack your thermos or water bottle and some food and be on your way, right? Well, there’s a little more to it … Continue reading

The Majesty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Since ancient times when early man was on snowshoes, the crystal clarity in the air, crunch of snow underfoot and the profound silence of the deep forest gives way to tranquility of the soul. Whether you are a beginner or … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Nevada’s High Country

Lake Tahoe splits California and Nevada straight down the middle. So depending on where in the high country you are snowshoeing, you will have spectacular views all around. Lake Tahoe is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at elevations ranging from … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Minnesota’s Scenic Bluff Country

Though much of Minnesota is very cold in winter, many individuals can still go out and do their thing on hiking trails in 64 state parks and 55 state forests, as well as the state’s two national forests. The southeastern … Continue reading

Basic Safety On The Trail

Safety reminders are always important, especially as technology continues to improve. We were all novices at one time, but once you step up to backcountry terrain and long, strenuous treks you are no longer a beginner. Those amazing views and Continue reading

Snowshoeing Coastal New Hampshire and Maine

If you have not ventured out of the interior terrain in your area, with its fragrant evergreens,
whispering winds and hilly trails, then lift your head and smell the salt air. Snowshoeing coastal Maine and New Hampshire provides excellent opportunities … Continue reading

More High Country Trails Near Bend, Oregon

Snowshoe Magazine

There are lots of trails in the Bend area, but snow cover varies widely according to the season. However, the Bend area is awesome, the snow covered peaks worth the effort. The following trails open in December and usually run … Continue reading

Cross-Training on Acadia National Park’s Carriage Paths

In 1913, when John D Rockefeller, a summer resident of Mt. Desert Island, began planning the 57-mile network of gravel paths for horse-drawn carriages, he could not have envisioned that thousands of cyclists would come to use the same network … Continue reading

Snowshoe Magic: Acadia National Park

Where else can you snowshoe the pristine wilderness of a winter forest, yet take another route and have a panoramic view of the ocean? Doesn’t sound like Colorado or Idaho now, does it? Acadia is unique; once you visit this … Continue reading

More High Country Trails Near Bend, Oregon

There are lots of trails in the Bend area, but snow cover varies widely according to the season. However, the Bend area is awesome, the snow-covered peaks worth the effort. The following trails open in December and usually run out … Continue reading

Snowshoeing New Hampshire’s Eastern Scenic White Mountains

On the eastern side of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, opportunities for snowshoeing are almost limitless and if it is a good snow year, the stuff lasts well. Near the little towns of Conway, Albany and Bartlett you will find beautiful … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Southern New Hampshire

Picture deep woods, pristine snow tumbling off pine branches and absolute silence. It can be that good in the woods near Keene and Concord, New Hampshire. If you’re driving up from southern New England or farther afield, good snowshoeing is … Continue reading

Snowshoeing New Hampshire’s Western White Mountains

Trails in the western part of New Hampshire’s White Mountains provide numerous opportunities for snowshoeing and enjoying the scenery without too much effort. Most of the following are rated as easy outings, though we have tossed in a couple more … Continue reading

Wolfe’s Neck Woods, Freeport, Maine: A Great One-Day Adventure

A few years ago I decided to visit 200-acre Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park on my cross-country skis instead of in hiking boots. This narrow point of land is known for its fine hiking trails along the shore and into … Continue reading

Acadia National Park: A Hiker’s Paradise

Too many visitors to Maine’s Acadia National Park drive the loop road along the rocky coast and never stray, but the loop road only covers about a third of the park’s 34,000 acres. To see Acadia is to walk, hike, … Continue reading

Hiking Maine’s Monhegan Island

The only way to get to this island that lies ten miles off the coast of Maine is by boat. Three ferry lines operate daily in high season, roughly June through August, one line running all year. No cars are … Continue reading

Spring Snowshoeing Near Bend, Oregon

Want to extend your season in Oregon? There are lots of trails in the Bend area, but many of them close by the end of March, if not before. However, the Bend area, home of Mount Bachelor, is worth the … Continue reading

More Snowshoeing Trails Around Mt. Hood, Oregon

Not far from the Government Camp-area trails I described in a recent article on Snowshoemag.com is another group of trails near the town of Hood River. These are not for the faint of heart, though I have included, as best … Continue reading

Snowshoeing in Government Camp, Oregon

Government Camp is a town adjacent to Oregon’s Mt. Hood National Forest and the area is loaded with opportunities to snowshoe at all levels of skill and endurance. The approach is via Route 26 and the Mt. Hood Highway and … Continue reading

Play Safe in the Woods

You love it out there on the trails through the forest, but you’re relatively new to snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. You may have read Matthew Timothy Bradley’s excellent December piece “Planning for the Worst: The List, and thought “OMG I’m Continue reading

Snowshoeing Bethel, Maine

Sunday River Resort is not the only action in this part of Maine, but it is a hub of activities available to those who snowshoe, cross-country ski or ski downhill. Actually, snowshoers have a choice of three distinct areas to Continue reading

More Maine Snowshoe Trails: Acadia National Park Area

If you like the panoramic sweep of the Northeast Coast you will enjoy the trails in this area, particularly those located in or near Acadia National Park. Thanks to John D. Rockefeller, who built a system of carriage roads beginning … Continue reading

Doing the Dog Paddle

Not as far fetched as you might think. Brutus loves the water, right? You love Brutus. You are a kayaker or you paddle a canoe, right? Wrong? Well, you need to master the boat before taking your lab along, and … Continue reading

More Maine Snowshoe Trails: Western and Northern Maine

Northern and Western Maine comprise a huge area consisting of lakes, mountains, and streams rivers and of course thousands of miles of forests, including sections of the Appalachian Trail and all the way north to Mount Katahdin located in Baxter … Continue reading

More Maine Snowshoe Trails: Central Maine

Okay, off to the woods we go, leaving the coastal area and its scenic peninsulas behind. You’ll want your deep woods snowshoes, a Maine map or your GPS and don’t forget to dress in layers. The Maine woods in winter … Continue reading

Maine Snowshoe Trails: Mid Coast Area

We know you love the deep woods, but there are plenty of wooded trails to try in the Mid Coast part of Maine, even a few toward the southern end of the state. If you grew up skiing downhill in … Continue reading

L.L. Bean at 100 Years

The story actually began in 1911 when Leon Leonwood Bean, then of South Paris, Maine, developed plans for a waterproof boot when he got sick of returning from his outdoor activities with water-logged boots. Backing up a bit, Bean was … Continue reading