About Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she is a freelance writer and editor. She is a three-time New Mexico state snowshoe racing champion, and she placed eighth at Nationals in 2014.


10 Things to do in Ogden Besides Snowshoe Racing

During the last weekend in February, several hundred athletes will descend on Ogden, Utah, for the 16th annual United States Snowshoe Racing National Championships. And although the race will surely be memorable, participants hope the town will be memorable, … Continue reading

2016 Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic

New Mexico’s high desert country hasn’t seen this much snow in years.

El Niño wasn’t an official participant at last weekend’s Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic, but signs of him were everywhere during the January 10 race. “The course was beautiful,” … Continue reading

The Running Shoe You Need for Snowshoe Racing

When it comes to snowshoe racing, snowshoe options abound with many companies delivering light and fast racing models. But although zippy snowshoes can save time on race day, remember that your actual shoes are just as crucial to your speed … Continue reading

10 Things to Do in Eau Claire Besides Snowshoe Racing

Hint: none of them involve cheese…

At the end of February, several hundred athletes will descend on Eau Claire, Wisconsin, for the 15th annual United States Snowshoe Racing National Championships. And although the city (with help from local bike … Continue reading

2015 Low O2 Snowshoe Challenge

Situated approximately six miles from New Mexico’s highest mountain, 13,161-foot Wheeler Peak, the Enchanted Forest Cross County Ski and Snowshoe Area (EFXC) is the state’s go-to spot for high-altitude winter endurance sports.

On Saturday, January 24, a small but tough … Continue reading

Gear Review: Brooks Adapt Jacket

Layer, layer, layer is the advice cold-weather runners often hear. And now, deciding what to wear for your outermost layer is a no-brainer, thanks to the Brooks Adapt Jacket. With polyfill insulation and a water-resistant (not waterproof—you will get … Continue reading

Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic 2015

If snowshoe racing is tough, then snowshoe racing in northern New Mexico is really tough. Not only are you trudging over snow-covered trails with an extra couple pounds strapped to each foot, but you’re doing it at almost 10,000 feet—an … Continue reading

A New Baseline for Base Layers

Super.natural’s merino wool blends come to North America this fall 

When a box of super.natural clothing arrived at my doorstep, I knew at first touch that these cozy merino blends were going to become staples in my winter wardrobe. Now, … Continue reading

The Best Resort on the Colorado-New Mexico Border

All it takes is one soak to become hooked on Pagosa Springs Resort.

You’ve likely cruised through tiny Pagosa Springs on your way to ski “the most snow in Colorado” at Wolf Creek. If your only stop was for … Continue reading

The Hoka Pokey: That’s What It’s All About

If you’ve never worn Hoka One Ones before, be warned: they’re weird. And I’m not just talking about the way they look; they feel funny, too. You might as well be wearing a hovercraft strapped to each foot: you’re cushioned, … Continue reading

Enchanted Trails: New Mexico’s Best Summer Races

New Mexico’s northern mountain ranges offer some of the best snowshoeing in the West during winter months, so it’s no surprise that trail races abound in the Sangres, Jemez and Sandias during summer. Here are five of the toughest – … Continue reading

Nuts About NuttZo

Can’t decide between peanut butter and almond butter? Not sure how to incorporate Brazil nuts or flax seeds into your diet? NuttZo, a certified organic nutbutter company launched in 2009, might be the solution to your problems.

The original … Continue reading

Toasty Toes

This winter, keep your feet warm with Dahlgren socks.

Let’s face it: Socks are technical. Sure, they’re not as complicated as shoes or boots, but these days you can spend upwards of $60 on a pair that cushions, squeezes, breathes, … Continue reading

Shady Styles

Whether you’re on the trails or on the town, check out these eight sunglasses to get you through the winter.

Alpe // Tifosi Optics // $70
Best for: smaller faces
At only 19 grams, Tifosi’s sporty Alpe glasses are small … Continue reading

Merrell’s Avalon Parka: The Perfect All-Purpose Winter Coat

Winter coats are expensive, and sometimes it can be tough to justify having a work coat, a going-out coat, a winter-sports coat, a walking-the-dog coat, a running-a-quick-errand coat, etc. (because really, ladies, we all know the list can go on … Continue reading

Chaco’s Tedinho Waterproof

The best type of winter hiking shoe performs like a boot but feels like a trail runner – aka Chaco’s Tedinho Waterproof. These leather hikers are ready to go right out of the box – sure, they’re a little … Continue reading

Catching Up With the U.S. National Snowshoe Team

In March, 16 athletes made the 2012 U.S. National Snowshoe Team. And although many of them live high in the mountains of Colorado, we knew they haven’t been snowshoeing for the past eight months. So, we decided to check in … Continue reading

Handy Hydration

Stay hydrated! That statement is easier said than observed. We all know that drinking water is a must for any athlete and that inadequate drinking results in poor performance and physiological function. So why is filling up that glass sometimes … Continue reading

Show Me the Outdoors: Exploring Mid-Missouri on Foot, Wheels and Water

Thanks largely to the Missouri River, mid-Missouri has always been a high-traffic area. Once home to the Osage and Missouri Indians, the area was “discovered” by pioneers during the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In 1806, Daniel Boone established a salt … Continue reading

Gear Review and Giveaway: Aussie Dogs Styler Boots

I was never a fan of the unisex, twin-faced sheepskin boots that have become trendy in recent years; in every color and every brand, I thought they look bulky and awkward, shapeless and sloppy. So, when California-based Aussie Dogs asked … Continue reading

Low O2 Challenge: New Mexico’s Qualifier Sends 15 Athletes to Nationals

The Low O2 Challenge is snowshoe racing’s best-kept secret. A stunning course, great prizes, and everyone qualifies for nationals – at least this year. With only 15 people in the January 29 10K qualifier race, all finishers earned a ticket … Continue reading

Underneath Your Clothes: SnowAngel Offers Winter Performance Base Layers for Women

Ladies: When you’re competing, your focus should be on the race, the trail, the other athletes—not on your body temperature or appearance. SnowAngel’s Chami line keeps you thermally insulated and looking sexy, allowing you to concentrate on your competition.


Continue reading

Leading Ladies: Q&A with Laurie Lambert and Ceal Walker

Laurie Lambert and Ceal Walker had raced against each other numerous times, but it wasn’t until they traveled together to the 2010 World Championship Invitational in Vancouver that they really got to know one another. “I am not even sure … Continue reading

Snowshoe New Mexico: Where to go in the Land of Enchantment

This winter, a few hundred people will compete in snowshoe races throughout New Mexico. Many more will take a recreational approach to the sport, hiking snow-packed trails or creating new backcountry routes. Both competitive and casual snowshoeing are on the … Continue reading