6 Solutions for the Dreaded Lean: A Word To Senior Athletes

The leaders’ gold and silver medals rested on the side of the awards table unperturbed. “Fast Eddie” Rousseau, pacing the lead on a February day, was on mile 70 of the 2019 USA Track & Field (USATF) 100-Mile Nationals in … Continue reading

Bussing the Excuse Tray: Wilderness Athlete’s Wild C8 MCT Powder

With one fell swoop of an arm, clear your personal Excuse Tray with Wilderness Athlete’s Wild C8 MCT Powder. Destroy that carrier of alibis you hold so dear. Obliterate the pretense why today you just can’t–woe is me–make the … Continue reading

Hidden Secrets! Preparing for a Snowshoe Distance Event

“The beauty of winter is its mystical aura,” writes snowshoe philanthropist and health authority Dr. Jeff Kildahl (JK). “Winter acutely defines one’s perspective. Snow represents a white blanket of desolation or bliss. The frigid temperatures and deafening silence of winter … Continue reading

Going the Distance! 2018 and 2019 USSSA Marathon and Half-Marathon Championships

It’s late summertime, so why such excitement about the earlier 2018 USSSA distance events? Because we are clocking the way to the 2019 marathon races at Lakewoods Resort in beautiful, hilly Cable, Wisconsin, near the home of the Slumberland American Continue reading

Food Review: Clif Energy Food Provides New Fuel Options for Snowshoers

Fueling yourself in the winter can often be frustrating. If its cold enough, traditional summer treats like apples and oranges become frozen by the time you need them. While I’ve had my fair share of frigid peanut butter and jelly … Continue reading

Gear Review: Chunks of Energy

Tasty. Natural. Energy foods. Turns out, these three things aren’t mutually exclusive.

The energy bars known as Chunks of Energy made me a believer.

Created more than two decades ago by a maple syrup harvester in western Massachusetts, these chewy … Continue reading

Energize like a PROBAR

A lot of people and companies boast about packing meals into a bar. PROBAR might be the one that best delivers on that promise.

The company offers a variety of bars, likely enough to suit anyone’s palate.

“Looking for a … Continue reading

Nuts About NuttZo

Can’t decide between peanut butter and almond butter? Not sure how to incorporate Brazil nuts or flax seeds into your diet? NuttZo, a certified organic nutbutter company launched in 2009, might be the solution to your problems.

The original … Continue reading

GU: The Science of Energy

The days of forcing rock-hard, chalky nutrition bars reluctantly down your throat are mercifully a thing of the past. In their place modern nutrition provides myriad nutritional choices to suit the palate and nutritional needs of nearly anyone who leads … Continue reading

Fuel for Outdoor Fun: CLIF SHOT BLOKS

There are so many different forms of energy boosters on the market that it can be a little overwhelming choosing one for your adventures.  But, if you haven’t made the switch from energy gels to energy chews, you’re missing out.  … Continue reading

Snowshoe with a Smile

We’ve all been hammered with the importance of hydration on the human body. Whether you’re an athlete, recreational outdoor enthusiast or a plain old human being existing on planet earth, we all share the survival instinct. Water keeps our bodies … Continue reading

Bars That Fuel

The world of packaged snacks is littered with everything from chewy morsels to blocks that have the consistency of chalk.  Protein bars promise to fill up adventure seekers for hours and often times leave you wishing for another, more filling … Continue reading