Gear Review: Powermonkey eXplorer Portable Solar Charger

Bringing consumer electronics on the trail is always a tough decision.  There are so many to choose from: GPS devices, MP3 players, cell phones, avalanche beacons, VCRs, and others.  Survival and entertainment are the two contributing reasons to lugging all that hardware around the backcountry.  Powering that junk is an entirely different issue, especially when packing additional batteries.  Batteries suck.  They're heavy and not exactly a “green” product – no matter how long they last.  Disposing of “dry” batteries is a nightmare.  Remember, leave no trace – what you pack in, pack it out.  Replace the dependence on the Energizer Bunny with a solar-powered charger.  In this case, use the Powermonkey eXplorer to rule your outdoor electronics.  Go solar on the trail!  Stellar!

Gear Review: Tanda Professional Restore

Light therapy and low intensity laser therapy is not new, having been tested and used for quite some time. In recent years however, the popularity of these forms of treatments have increased significantly with those wanting to find an effective, non-invasive and drug-free alternative to traditional forms of therapy. Some of the conditions that respond well to treatment include: arthritis, tendonitis, sprains and strains, and repetitive strain injuries.

Gear Review: Seattle Sports Co. Snow Shovel

There's something about having a shovel strapped to your pack when snowshoeing; it makes you look pretty serious about your shoeing experience.  It says, “That guy is going to a place where the snow is pretty deep.”  Well, yes, that's the ticket.  As the publisher/owner of Snowshoe Magazine, I only go where the snow is deep.  Not really.  I consider myself lucky if I'm out in the backcountry with my trusty snowshoes…and now with my Seattle Sports Co. Snow Shovel.  

Gear Review: Moji – The Smart Icing Alternative

It is likely that applying ice to sore muscles and joints is the last thing on the mind of any snowshoer who just spent a few hours in cold temperatures and snow.

Gear Review: Talus ColdAvenger High Performance Mask

When I snowshoe, it never fails: My chin and nose get colder than any other part of my body.  This happens particularly because it's the only exposed skin on my body when outside in the outdoor elements.  It's a problem that isn't easily remedied without the right gear, but most products on the market are either cheaply made or don't properly do the job.  This season, it's all about finding the right gear for the conditions…and I have solved yet another problem for my snowshoeing adventures.  Talus Outdoor Technologies created the ColdAvenger: A cold weather mask that allows you to breathe freely while keeping your face warm and dry.  I like that.