The Atlas 9 Series Shoe: Affordable and High-Performing

In the forests of the Teton mountain range, I’ve recently set off on several hikes with my 30-inch Atlas 9 Series snowshoes.  I found $169.95 a very reasonable price for these shoes and I selected groomed trails for almost all … Continue reading

The FLEX RDG Shoe by Tubbs Is Adaptive and Free of Flaws

Any time you assess a shoe by the Tubbs Snowshoe Company, the Vermont shoemaker starts out with stellar credibility.  It was in a 1928 expedition that Admiral Richard Byrd and his team walked on Tubbs snowshoes all the way to … Continue reading

Gear Review: Tubbs Xpedition Snowshoes

The women’s Xpedition snowshoe is a mid-level, all-terrain snowshoe is great for taking your snowshoeing treks to the next level, from simple, flat trails to backcountry adventures. This shoe is not only attractive and lightweight but also boasts a few … Continue reading

Canadian-Made Faber Run Snowshoes – How Fast Can You Go?

Unless you run for exercise or compete in an occasional snowshoe race, you won’t clearly understand the technical terms I am about to mention until you personally strap on a pair of the 2.15-pound Faber Aluminum Run Snowshoes and experience … Continue reading

Gear Review: The Faber North Cliff Snowshoes

It looks like Faber Snowshoes may have a hit on its hands with the new North Cliff snowshoe model.

“The North Cliff snowshoe was created with idea of offering an affordable and easy to use day hiking snowshoe for mountainous … Continue reading

Louis Garneau Blizzard Men’s and Women’s Snowshoes Review

Let’s face it: sometimes we need top-of-the-line gear at a more wallet-friendly price point. When it comes to cleverly designed, high-performing snowshoes that won’t break the bank, Louis Garneau delivers with their men’s Blizzard and women’s Blizzard snowshoe models.

The … Continue reading

Gear Review: GV Wide Trail Snowshoes

It’s taken some searching, but I think I’ve finally found the solution to breaking a snowshoe trail in the bottomless powder of the Northwest Territories.

After one winter here, I discovered I needed something distinctly different – and much, much … Continue reading

Gear Review: Louis Garneau Everest Backcountry Snowshoes Review

It’s not surprising that the Louis Garneau Everest snowshoe won Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year award for 2014. This snowshoe combines one of the most innovative yet simple bindings we’ve seen with incredible traction and flex, making it the … Continue reading

Gear Review: Atlas Aspect Snowshoes Feature Spring-Loaded Suspension

While enjoying the snow-covered wilderness, the last thing you want to worry about is inadequate gear. If you’re wearing a pair of Atlas Aspect snowshoes, equipment failure will never be an issue.

Whether you’re a novice or backcountry aficionado, the … Continue reading

Gear Review: Louis Garneau Course 721 Race Running Snowshoes

The Louis Garneau Course 721 unisex running snowshoe is a fast, comfortable, easy to use shoe, whether you’re looking for an alternate way to keep running through snowy winter months, thinking about entering your first snowshoe running race, or you’re … Continue reading

Crescent Moon Gold 13 Trail Snowshoes: Grip You Can Count On

I’ve been testing out a pair of Crescent Moon Gold 13 Trail Snowshoes over the last couple of months, and am extremely pleased with them.

Designed for Women

They were designed specifically for women and made to accommodate a woman’s … Continue reading

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes Review

When Lightning hits the snow of the frozen North, something’s got to give.

I’ve had a chance to try out the MSR Lightning Ascent 30-inch snowshoes in the far northwest corner of Canada’s Northwest Territories this winter. It’s a case … Continue reading