Maine Guide Snowshoes: The Real Deal

snowshoes overlooking mountains

Companies with a real passion for their product can be hard to come by these days. However, recently, we connected with Maine Guide Snowshoes, and they are the real deal. Maine Guide Snowshoes not only has a passion for what … Continue reading

The Future of Traditional Snowshoes: We Value Our 6,000-Year Tradition

In his seven-minute YouTube video, which has already received 12,000 views, Canadian snowshoe guide Dave Marrone makes the strongest case yet for traditional snowshoes. Marrone declares that traditional snowshoes are “lighter, more comfortable, and have better float”. He notes that … Continue reading

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes: Shapes, Designs, and Names

A rundown of snowshoe frame shapes and design features, and how they combine into conventionally named styles.

How To Care For Wood-Frame Snowshoes

Hanging to dry.
How to prep your wood frame and babiche snowshoes before the season begins, and how to put them to bed once it ends.

Snowshoeing Education 211: Crossing Paths on My Ojibwa Snowshoes

My great, great grandmother on my father’s side of the family was Angelique Beaudoin (pronounced bo-d’uah). She was referred to as a “metis”, meaning that her parents were of mixed races. Her father was French Canadian and her mother was … Continue reading

Traditional Snowshoe Bindings 101

I was at a friend's cottage a few weeks ago. I had the run of the place, alone for a couple of days of "R and R." I had brought my snowshoes along, hoping to head out and take advantage of the scenery and hopefully take some wildlife photos - there were rumors of a lynx prowling about the area.