Ten Tips for Making Snowshoeing FUN with Kids

We have good days and bad days when we head out for a winter hike as a family. Fortunately I’ve learned to predict what kind of outing we’re looking at and I’ve figured out the key steps to planning a … Continue reading

Kids and Snowshoes: Tips and Tricks that Actually Work

Snowshoeing brings families together; or at least that was the line I used on my kids when I tried to convince them that this sport was all one we could participate in.

For us, we live in an area that … Continue reading

Snowshoeing: What to Embark on When Expecting

There’s nothing like sports in the winter. There is a peaceful exuberance to these activities that cannot be duplicated during the other seasons. The air outside is so cold that you can see your breath yet your body radiates with … Continue reading

Snowshoeing is Boring (and Other Myths I Once Believed)

If you have friends who ski, you’ve no doubt heard complaints about how “boring” snowshoeing is to them. Well-meaning friends will try to tell you that skiing is more exciting, that it’s easier, and that it’s faster on the way … Continue reading

Tips For Choosing Snowshoes & Hitting The Trail With Toddlers and Kids

A lot of people have asked me how we got our kids to love snowshoeing at such an early age. We rarely snowshoe without all three of them in tow. People find it hard to believe that our 10-year-old still … Continue reading

Seniors on Snowshoes

Now that the holidays have come and gone, this is a good time to focus on the snowshoeing season. This will be the ninth year of senior snowshoeing adventures for my wife and me. We eagerly await the feeling of snow crunching under our snowshoes, or silent steps into new fallen powder. We have snowshoed in different parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. A couple of times, when heavy snow fell unexpectedly here in North Texas, we astonished the locals by using our snowshoes to travel around. That gave us the chance to tell those who were puzzled all about how much we love snowshoeing. We want to revisit some of those favorite places and possibly try some new ones in the Sierras and Cascades.