photo of 'Redfeather Snowshoes'

Base camp for Redfeather Snowshoes is La Crosse, Wis., located in the heart of what is known as the Driftless Region–an area untouched by glaciation and a region that is renowned for its bluffs, coulees and the Mississippi River Valley. This is a part of the USA where rivers, streams, creeks, and bluffs are prevalent and you can get to these natural wonders in about 10 minutes instead of 10 hours. And it goes without saying that lots of outdoorsy stuff happens all the time. It’s amazing we get any work done at all!

Redfeather Snowshoes are manufactured and owned by ORC Industries, a not-for-profit company whose sole organizational mission is to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. And one of those opportunities is to make the best snowshoes in the world. About 75 percent of our workforce is comprised of people who have a physical or mental disability. ORC trains these individuals, and provides vocational counseling, nutritional counseling, wellness training, and life skills with the goal of outplacing these folks in the general workforce at large. The concept is a simple one: people find personal value through the work that they do, as well as financial compensation. The more Redfeather Snowshoes that are bought, the more people we can put to work who discover the value of being an integral part of creating something very special–namely, Redfeather Snowshoes.

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