No. 1 Snowshoe-friendly Ski Resort: Mt. Seymour, British Columbia

Mt. Seymour is a magical wonderland nestled in the heart of the North Shore, only minutes from downtown Vancouver where snowshoers, boarders, skiers and outdoor enthusiasts share mountain life harmoniously.

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7 Reasons To Snowshoe On Vancouver’s Mount Seymour

I've been snowshoeing on North Vancouver's Mt. Seymour often enough over the past few years to consider myself a regular. So, when the opportunity arose to write about snowshoeing on Mt. Seymour for Snowshoe Magazine, I jumped at the chance. The kind people who live and work on Mt. Seymour agreed to spend a little time with me to round out my knowledge of the wide range of opportunities available for snowshoers.  Now I'm more excited than ever about this wonderful destination.  Without further delay, here are my seven great reasons to go snowshoeing on Mt. Seymour: