Gear Review: LOWA Trident II GTX WS

When I first lifted up the box with my new LOWA Trident II GTX winter boots, I was really surprised by its light weight. The boots, when I removed them from the box, were small and compact. Although the Trident … Continue reading

Gear Review: Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Gloves

The story goes that you apparently lose around 75 percent of body heat through your head, hands and feet. This has never really been proved or disproved, but it makes sense when you consider that all three are almost always … Continue reading

February Fillers – Wash, Organize, Sharpen and Revive

The malaise which infects the American public during the month of February is so strong that sports magazines attempt to gin up their sales with photos of underfed models. But surely there are more productive ways to while away … Continue reading