Food Review: Clif Energy Food Provides New Fuel Options for Snowshoers

Fueling yourself in the winter can often be frustrating. If its cold enough, traditional summer treats like apples and oranges become frozen by the time you need them. While I’ve had my fair share of frigid peanut butter and jelly … Continue reading

Gear Review: Chunks of Energy

Tasty. Natural. Energy foods. Turns out, these three things aren’t mutually exclusive.

The energy bars known as Chunks of Energy made me a believer.

Created more than two decades ago by a maple syrup harvester in western Massachusetts, these chewy … Continue reading

Gear Review: Skout Organic Energy Bars and Pumpkin Seeds

The market for healthy, organic outdoor foods has come a long, long way over the last 15-plus years. Driven by industry pioneers like CLIF Bar and others, energy products are no longer by default oddly-colored, sugar-filled options, and can now … Continue reading