San Juan Island’s Whale Museum: Far More Than Just A Walk-Thru

whale museum, San Juan Island

On San Juan Island in Washington state, a walk along First Street in Friday Harbor will bring you to the Whale Museum. It’s far more than just a walk-thru, and although it’s a non-profit organization, it does charge for … Continue reading

Summer on San Juan Island, the Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Stroll through any field of lavender and one thing is certain: the lavender’s scent will conjure up all kinds of personal memories. Such is the way of this amazingly versatile plant. But its unique scent is only one of many … Continue reading

Secret Coves of San Juan Island

As spring and early summer approaches, hidden gems worth exploring are not just reserved for mainland outdoor enthusiasts. Board a ferry at Anacortes, Washington State and head for the San Juan Islands. And be prepared for the pace of life … Continue reading