About John Soltys

John Soltys is a father, a husband, an adventurer, and a hacker. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and never considers leaving, even when it rains for 100 days straight. He dreams of days when he can turn off the computer and explore our amazing world with his family. You can find him where the road heads up into the mountains, tucked against the river, at the end of a dirt road. He writes at moosefish.com, tubbssnowshoes.com, and wta.org. He's also on twitter as @moosefish.


Review: Katabatic Flex 15F

Backpacking in the snow takes a certain kind of crazy. You have to be willing to carry more and suffer more. The reward is being able to venture farther from the trailhead and waking up in a wilderness most people … Continue reading

Snowshoeing at Night: How to Plan, Prepare and Navigate

Snowshoeing at night is an activity not to be missed! Under a full moon, the snow sparkles, and you can feel the emphasis on the quiet solitude. As peaceful as a daylight snowshoe adventure can be, nightshoeing is much more … Continue reading

The Sandshoeing Days of Summer

Summer can be a tough time for snowshoers. For most of us, the snow has retreated to high elevations and consolidated to make snowshoes unnecessary. In the Northwest U.S. snow levels are around 8,000 feet, generally a few thousand feet … Continue reading