Gear Review: ComfortGuard Gloves from RefrigiWear are Warm and Inexpensive

refrigwear comfortguard gloves

RefrigiWear’s ComfortGuard Gloves are a decent pair for a bargain price

Though it’s not without its flaws, the ComfortGuard Glove from RefrigiWear is an exceptionally priced, surprisingly comfortable winter glove.

Made for comfort and designed for warmth, the ComfortGuard glove … Continue reading

Gear Review (and Interview): Gyde Battery-Heated Women’s Calor Jacket and S4 Gloves

Gyde Gear

This gear review starts with a warning. Once you have a battery in your jacket and gloves, there may be no going back.

I’ll admit to being skeptical when I first heard about battery-heated clothing. Is it really comfortable to … Continue reading

Got Heat? Heat Holder Gloves, Socks and Surprises

Here’s the hot formula: combine comfort with advanced insulating yarn, wear everywhere. That’s the outcome for Heat Holders, the leader in thermal outdoor wear. With their unique entries in the world of footwear and gloves, one looks good and, … Continue reading

Gear Review: BearTek Gloves

You have to be a rather confident marketer to use the slogan “every other glove is obsolete.”

Nonetheless, that’s what BearTek promises with its gloves and it makes a good case, especially if you like to have your tunes running … Continue reading

Gear Review: Gordini Swagger Gloves

When it comes to my gloves in sub-Arctic weather, I think I have reason to be at least a little fussy.

When I was offered a pair of Gordini’s Swagger gloves with their Windstopper technology a few months ago, I … Continue reading

Gear Review: MacWet Gloves

These are some gloves with grip… and with great customer service, too.

I’ve been testing out some Climatec MacWet gloves from the United Kingdom for several months now, and for the most part, I am impressed.

The company is well-known … Continue reading

Gear Review: Canada Goose, Canada Tested

You know all those stories you hear about Canada Goose and their products? Believe them.

I’ve had the chance to try out some “Goose” stuff this fall, including a Lodge Vest and a Hybridge Hoody… and all I can say … Continue reading

Gear Review: Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Gloves

The story goes that you apparently lose around 75 percent of body heat through your head, hands and feet. This has never really been proved or disproved, but it makes sense when you consider that all three are almost always … Continue reading

Columbia’s Mountain Monsters Gloves: Hands on Fire!

I’ll be honest, I fancy myself a mittens type of girl.  I grew up wearing mittens, I snowshoe and ski with mittens, and I am convinced that they’re the only thing that can keep my fingers warm in the frigid … Continue reading

Glowingly Gorgeous: Pearl Izumi Select Softshell Gloves

It is rare to slip on a glove and feel transported to another level, but the Pearl Izumi Select Softshell entries did that for me. Pearl Izumi is a name of excellence, quality and artistic beauty born in their products; … Continue reading

I-Like Horny Toad’s I-Glove

Horny Toad I-Glove

‘Tis the season for spring weather and fewer layers of clothing, but winter hasn’t totally disappeared from our lives yet. Just this past weekend, I opted to ditch the snowy mountain town in favor of the first camping trip of … Continue reading

Columbia Sportswear’s Accessories for your Extremities

Gathering Storm Short Glove: Hand Picked Warmth

Columbia’s glove line is quite expansive: from thin fleece liners perfect for trail running to their award-winning beefy, weather-resistant Bugaglove Max Electric. But most of the time, the world outside your front door … Continue reading