Extend Your Day With GoMotion’s Wearable Light Designs

While on a recent moonlight snowshoe walk, I was very happy to be wearing the Litebelt 100, a convenient waist pack that also features a 100 lumen LED light at waist level and rear flashing red lights that can be … Continue reading

Gear Review: Nokero Crestone N200 Solar Light Bulb

Here’ a twist on the whole backcountry lighting market: A solar-powered light that’s actually affordable.

What a concept.

Marketed by Nokero as “the most economical solar light on the market,” the $15 Crestone Solar Light Bulb (N200) is almost ideal … Continue reading

Gear Review: Snow Peak Lapel Torch

When you spend three or four months of the year in near-perpetual darkness, a good light in almost mandatory.

That’s where the Snow Peak Lapel Torch comes into the equation.

Living in the Western Arctic two degrees inside the Arctic … Continue reading

Lighting the Limelight: The Fenix HP25 Headlamp

Rush sang their 1981 song of angst, “Living in the Limelight,” of the challenges fame and notoriety bestow. Fenix better be prepped for the acclaim the HP25, hands-down winner of Best in Class 2013, will receive.

As Rush Guitarist Alex … Continue reading

Gear Review: Light and Motion Solite 150/250

It’s time to shed a little light on the subject of illuminating your way in the great outdoors. Or in the case of the Solite 250, we can call that a lot of light.

The Solite series is made by … Continue reading

Gear Review: Petzl NAO Headlamp

Trail running at night is one of the great pleasures of life. In order to do it safely, you need a proper light source to guide your way. That is where the Petzl NAO steps in.

I have owned a … Continue reading

Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp: Brighten Your World

The Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp is bright and versatile, allowing outdoors enthusiasts to easily and compactly carry lumination on any adventure. My husband and I went camping and wanted to compare this headlamp to our existing headlamps. The SnowMiner was … Continue reading

Gear Review: Solite 150

The Solite 150 multi-purpose light is an outdoor enthusiast’s multi-tasking dream.

The Solite is a headlamp, miner’s light, helmet-light and a bicycle headlight all rolled together in one tiny and extremely impressive package.

I’ve been testing the light now for … Continue reading

Energizer’s Ultimate Headlight Shines at Wild Duluth 100 km

Guess who I found is using the Energizer Ultimate Headlight, the one with the L.E.D.'s  . . . think speedy, and you will have a clue. Also, I discovered more proof this headlight is the Ultimate in headlights, beaming out like a Duluth ore ship.

A Shark for the Dark: The Prism AA Quark Flashlight

Your tiny friend in the dark, this new addition from 4Sevens Lights continues their tradition of creative engineering -- at the speed of light, it seems -- pushing ingenious thought to the limit. See, they have this attachment . . .

A Honey from the Bunny: Energizer’s Ultimate Headlight

If you think only famous names in trail and snowshoe headlights make quality headlamps, and battery companies only manufacture batteries, you'll miss a gigantic leap in engineering and a hop to the front of the wearable headlight class by the Energizer Bunny's lithium LED entry. Why you need to know this is . . .

Gear Review: Petzl MYOBELT XP Headlamp

The beauty of snowshoeing is that it can be done most anywhere at anytime. We know how exhilarating it is to snowshoe during the day. Sunset offers an entirely different level of exhilaration for the snowshoer.