Gear Review: Native Eyewear Toolah Sunglasses

Native Eyewear's Toolah sunglasses in Red Frost.

The pair of Native Eyewear Toolah’s pulled back into my hair as I write this already made their way up Colorado’s Vail Mountain this morning for an early interval running session. The dark lenses of the sunglasses shielded my eyes … Continue reading

Gear Review: Guideline Eyegear Wake Sunglasses

I’m not sure if it’s possible or a recognized disorder to be a sunglasses connoisseur, but if there is such a thing, sign me up for some rehab.

My wife has grumbled for the last 10 years about my sunglasses … Continue reading

Shady Styles

Whether you’re on the trails or on the town, check out these eight sunglasses to get you through the winter.

Alpe // Tifosi Optics // $70
Best for: smaller faces
At only 19 grams, Tifosi’s sporty Alpe glasses are small … Continue reading

Gear Review: Julbo Explorer XL Sunglasses

So let’s get one thing out into the open to start: the difference between the Julbo Explorer XL sunglasses and the regular Explorers is the frame size. Why does that matter? If you have a “hard to fit face,” you’ll … Continue reading

Gear Review: Julbo Bivouak Sunglasses

What makes a pair of sunglasses unique? High quality lenses? Sure. Nifty styling? Why not. But, beyond that, the basic qualities of the sunglass – two lenses and a frame — are pretty well established.

Until now.

The Bivouak glasses … Continue reading

Post-holiday Outdoor Gear Essentials for Snowshoers

So, what gear made it into the backpacks of our gear reviewers after the holiday gift-giving surge? From traction gear to emergency gear, Snowshoe Magazine has a few recommendations from our reviewers and some readers.

STABILicers Original –

The STABILicers … Continue reading

Helping You See the Future Better: Lens Jackets

When the future looks bad, you can't see the way back home, I need help, please hold my hand! No! Better still, do this: get the nifty "best new friend" of you glasses or shades, Lens Jackets. All that may be wrong in your life is, simply, your lenses are dirty, scratched, pocked or chocked . . . Here's how to fix it:

Gear Review: Under Armour Impulse Polarized Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses make me think of the products marketed on popular infomercials throughout the years – Blue Blockers and HD Vision.  Would I suggest using those for trail running and snowshoeing?  Absolutely not!  When out in the elements, protecting the eyes is highly important – essential is more like it.  In my opinion, it's best to spend some coin on a pair of shades that will offer true polarized protection.  Don't fall for some crappy product with the moniker, “as seen on TV.”  I have adopted the Under Armour's Impulse Polarized Blue Mirror sunglasses as part of my everyday gear on the go and what I take when I'm on the trails.  They sit close to the face and comfortably contour the curves of my oversized skull.  

Gear Review: Aruba Sport Wave 2 Sunglasses

There is no point in snowshoeing if one cannot see where s/he is headed. Take it from someone who is extremely rough with sunglasses. If you have ever been blinded by the reflection of the sun off the snow you know what I mean.

Gear Review: Julbo Run and Bivouak Sunglasses

“Bulletproof” is the word that keeps coming up when people talk about their Julbo sunglasses. My brother instinctively grabbed his and hurled them against a rock when a bee got under the lens; the sunglasses emerged undamaged. Never one to be easy on gear, this is an important consideration for me. I recently had opportunity to wear Julbo's Run and Bivouak models and found that, in addition to their durability, both have many other appealing features.

Gear Review: Nannini Mountain Sunglasses

This is the season of sunglasses.  First, Snowshoemag received advertising support from HaberVision and then Nannini wanted me to review some of their products.  Although I've been reviewing HaberVision's products, I had to give some other sunglasses and goggles a try.  What I found was that Nannini develops a solid product, a stylish product and manufactures several pairs of sunglasses that fit my gigantic noggin.  For snowshoeing, Nannini's Mountain specs are a genuine must for the upcoming season.

Gear Review: HaberVision Prima and Riva Goggles

I rarely use goggles when snowshoeing.  For skiing they're great, obviously.  For snowshoeing, it's just another item to carry in your pack – probably taking up much needed room.  I now have a different perspective on this issue.