Gear Review: Active Accessories For Four-Legged Trekkers

Loft Jacket by Kurgo

The first time I put the Kurgo Loft Jacket on our dog, Jack, the air was pushing its way into the negative digits outside our home in Minturn, Colorado. It was early November, but after a temperate and sunny Indian … Continue reading

Gear Review: NOAA Snow Forecast App for iPhone and Android

The phrase “there’s an app for that” has become far more interesting with the NOAA Snow Forecast app for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

It’s a “simple yet powerful app that tells you how much it’s going to snow in … Continue reading

MobileLite Wireless for the Mobile Snowshoer

If you’re addicted to your smart phone to the point where it needs to be surgically removed, even while snowshoeing in the back 40, you’re going to love the Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

The company may be most familiar as a … Continue reading

SPIbelt – Not Your Dad’s Fanny Pack

I have to be honest for a second: I hate running. OK, hate is a strong word, dislike is maybe more accurate. As a triathlete, running makes up a big part of my training and races. So come to think … Continue reading

Gear Review: Osprey Meridian Daypack

It’s luggage, it’s a backpack, and it does a better-than-fair job at both.

That’s the quick take on the Osprey Meridian 28-inch luggage system that includes a detachable daypack and a smartly designed soft-sided suitcase that converts from wheeled luggage … Continue reading

The BioLite Stove Proves that Innovation Changes Lives (and Saves Lives)

The cooking experience on the trail is always a fickle experience. Growing up in Colorado, I was always accustomed to cooking with a large Coleman stove while camping or a small MSR backpacking stove. Both required fuel, such as white … Continue reading

Gear Review: GSI Kung Foon

When it comes to whipping up a gourmet meal in the outdoors, GSI has all you need for a backcountry barbecue and more. Since 1985, the company has invested years in developing compact camp cooking supplies and integrated systems that … Continue reading

Gear Review: Looptworks Noll Messenger Bag

So what makes a messenger bag special? It has to offer plenty of storage space for your daily essentials. It has to have plenty of pockets, to keep all of that gear organized. It has to be durable, to stand … Continue reading

Evolution of the Wheel: Osprey Shuttle 22-inch Roller Bag

Osprey Shuttle 22 inch/40 liter Wheelie Bag

Nothing quite like a painless and hassle-free TSA experience to set the wanderlust in motion. Although, more literally, a good set of wheels puts things into motion just fine. Unlike the majority of airport patrons, I’ve resisted owning any wheeled … Continue reading

A Toast to Innate’s Trad Flask

Spirits, particularly whiskey, are universally supported on most, if not all, outdoor adventures. In the winter, you may find a celebration nip atop a summit or a swallow of tingling warmth when battling cold temperatures. And when it’s time to … Continue reading

Post-holiday Outdoor Gear Essentials for Snowshoers

So, what gear made it into the backpacks of our gear reviewers after the holiday gift-giving surge? From traction gear to emergency gear, Snowshoe Magazine has a few recommendations from our reviewers and some readers.

STABILicers Original –

The STABILicers … Continue reading

Gear Review: SteriPEN Adventurer Opti with Solar Charging Case

I've always been a big supporter of MSR's water filtration products.  In fact, I still own and use an older model from the 90s.  And it works great!  But what I've been suggesting to fellow snowshoers and hikers is to use the SteriPEN in conjunction with a filtration system – especially on long backcountry trips.