Sunrise Hiking Mount Quandary in Colorado with MSR’s New DynaLock Explore Backcountry Poles

The conversation started with something like “We’ll leave at midnight, make it to the trail head by 3am, and reach the summit for sunrise.”

My response: “Sounds crazy, lets do it.”

That’s how my experience of hiking Mount Quandary started, … Continue reading

Review of Crescent Moon Snowshoe Trekking Poles – Light and Durable For The Snowshoe Enthusiast

If you are into hiking or snowshoeing, good trekking poles will help you maintain balance and overcome any uneasy terrain. As you know, climbing hills can turn into a tricky endeavor without good snowshoe/trekking poles. A well built pair of … Continue reading

Yukon Charlie’s Racing Snowshoes Debut at 2016 USSSA National Snowshoe Championships

What better way to introduce snowshoe racing models than elevating them to center stage. Yukon Charlie’s Snowshoes enters the 2016 United States Snowshoe National Championships as a contributing sponsor for their first foray into the country’s signature snowshoe event. This … Continue reading

Gear Review: Yukon Charlie’s 825 Pro II Series Women’s Snowshoes & Trekking Poles

Gear Review: Yukon Charlie's 825 Pro II Series Women's Snowshoes & Trekking Poles

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest improvements in snowshoe design recently are the bindings. I started snowshoeing about 10 years ago, and the only thing I disliked about the sport was putting on the equipment on my feet … Continue reading

The Height of Performance and Convenience: Black Diamond’s Carbon Compactor Poles

There are times when we need to pack up your poles.  When we’re traveling to our snowshoe destination by airplane.  When we’re touring the backcountry, camping along the way, or touring across a variety of terrain, some of which requires … Continue reading

Gear Review: MSR Deploy TR-2 Adjustable Winter Poles

When you’re in the sticks, it’s best to have a reliable pair with you.

I’ve been testing out a pair of MSR Deploy TR-2 Adjustable Winter Poles for a few months now, and I am convinced they’re among the best … Continue reading

Gear Review: MSR SureLock TR-3 Trekking Poles Provide Stability When You Need It

To help increase your snowshoeing appreciation and provide stability in the process, try using the innovative Mountain Safety Research (MSR) SureLock TR-3 trekking poles. Developed by Cascade Designs of Seattle, the SureLock TR-3 provides several features and improved technology that … Continue reading

ChukGrips Transform Everyday Trekking Poles into Essential Snowshoeing Equipment

I rarely snowshoe with trekking poles. It’s just not something I do. I like having my hands and arms free to use a camera, examine local trees, check e-mails on my blackberry, and throw snowballs at passing snowmobilers. I feel … Continue reading