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  • fox in Algonquin Park

    Snowshoeing In Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

    Canada is home to some of the best snowshoeing destinations anywhere in the world. Packed with historic parks, backcountry ski lodges, snow-capped mountain peaks, and plenty of gorgeous views, it’s a snowshoer’s paradise.  But Canada is a big place you say! Where should you go? Well, if you’re tired of …
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  • Snowshoe mountaineering

    Why To Use Snowshoes On Your Next Mountaineering Adventure

    Whether it’s helping you negotiate the approach or providing flotation through sections of deep snow, snowshoes are an essential tool for mountaineering. Discover why you should add snowshoes to your mountaineering kit, along with a few other critical pieces of gear for your next trip. Why Use Snowshoes For Approach …
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  • senior snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing For Seniors: Into Your 70’s and Beyond

    Hulda Crooks put on her 25-pound backpack and headed out in the early morning to climb Mt. Whitney, a mountain reaching 14,505 feet (4421 m). She had climbed it 23 times before. According to reports, Hulda also claimed many other mountains, including San Gorgonio Mountain, at 11,503 feet (3506 m). …
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  • CMC Leadville snowshoe trails

    Snowshoe Racing To Reach New Heights at CMC Leadville, CO

    A steady stream of registrations is flowing in as Leadville prepares to welcome racers and recreationists to the 2020 Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships Feb. 28-March 1. Colorado Mountain College Leadville, along with the Lake County Tourism Panel, is heading up the efforts to host the event. Furthermore, area …
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  • snowshoes overlooking mountains

    Maine Guide Snowshoes: The Real Deal

    Companies with a real passion for their product can be hard to come by these days. However, recently, we connected with Maine Guide Snowshoes, and they are the real deal. Maine Guide Snowshoes not only has a passion for what …
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  • Snowshoeing Clubs

    Are you part of a snowshoe club in your state or country? Would you like to start a snowshoe club in your area? Do you want to find a club near you? Snowshoe Magazine wants to help grow the snowshoe clubs of the world.
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