About Stephanie Nitsch

Stephanie Nitsch is an outdoor writer with roots in the Pacific Northwest but calls Utah home. Stephanie writes adventure stories, gear reviews and profiles for the likes of ESPN, Bike, Snowboard Canada, Utah Adventure Journal and more.


The Divine Spirit of Snowshoeing at Angel Fire, New Mexico

In the midst of a mid-winter road trip this year, I passed through the northern borders of New Mexico. It had been a few years since I had spent any time in the state, but my one and only visit … Continue reading

Outdoor Retailer Snowshoe Recap, Part Deux

With so much new gear to see at Outdoor Retailer earlier in January, we weren’t able to give you a preview to all of next year’s coolest snowshoes in one post. (See our OR Recap, Part 1.) Rest … Continue reading

Part 1 – Outdoor Retailer: Sneak Peek at 2014/2015 Snowshoes

Gearheads take note! We strolled the Outdoor Retailer trade show last weekend to get a peek at the newest winter goods for 2014/2015. Between base layers, outer layers, mid layers, accessories and all the tools to get you on the … Continue reading

Under the Arch: FootBalance QuickFit Footbed Review

Your poor, tireless feet. They’ve suffered at the helm of flimsy footbeds for far too long. You know the kind: the ones that come standard in any boot or shoe. A thin piece of foam is practically all that separates … Continue reading

Handful Bras or Bust: Freedom From Flat Boobs

Feeling harnessed by lackluster sports bras and unflattering undergarment designs, Portland, Oregon-resident Jennifer Ferguson reimagined a perkier option for active females. The company’s line of Made-in-the-USA sports bras may be limited in variety, but the versatile, two-piece collection (a bra … Continue reading

Pack It In, Pack It Out: Mountainsmith Mayhem 35 Backpack Review

Recently, a friend commented on my apparent love for backpacks. True, the four packs at the foot of my bed might seem overkill, but having lived on the road for the last eight months, backpacks are more of a necessity … Continue reading

Socking Stuffer: The Gift of Point6 Socks

In my family, receiving a new pair of socks was a telltale sign of Christmas traditions. They would vary from year to year: ski socks, wool socks, fleece socks, ridiculous holiday themed socks. Whatever they were, they’d always be a … Continue reading

Four-Season Staple: Women’s Helly Hansen Challenger Jacket

At the risk of sounding cliché, the Helly Hansen women’s Challenger Jacket is always game for a challenge. Worn as a mid layer, worn as an outer layer, worn as an accomplice in nearly every mountain sport, this lightweight zip-up … Continue reading

Hi-Tec’s OG Hikers Make the Winter Cut

In a sea of beige-colored hiking boots, Hi-Tec has set out to bring some flavor to the trails with the Sierra Lite Originals. Inspired by the brand’s first boot in 1978, the Sierra Lite Originals are a throwback to a … Continue reading

The North Face Meru GORE-TEX Jacket Knows No Boundaries

The Meru GORE-TEX jacket is part of The North Face’s Summit Series, built for seriously rugged pursuits. So while its technical details are aimed for the needs of mountaineers and peak-baggers, the Meru jacket boasts plenty of perks for the … Continue reading

Warmth Comes in Many Colors with Hi-Tec’s Timaru Down Hoodie

I’m certainly not alone when I say I have an unyielding affection towards winter. If you’re fortunate to live in a snowy climate, it’s a beautiful time of year that frosts the landscape into a sugary scene of winter wonderland … Continue reading

LifeProof Your Phone Against Life’s Little Accidents

As much as I hate to admit it, my phone is my lifeline to the outside world. Phone numbers, emails, contact info, photos… We all depend so much on these fragile little computers, that if/when they break, we kick ourselves … Continue reading

Gear Review: Icebreaker GT 150 Run Rush Tank

Lightweight construction makes the women’s Icebreaker GT 150 Run Rush tank top ideal for summer endeavors, whether you’re backpacking with a heavy load or hitting the dirt for an evening jog. While the tank was designed with trail runners in … Continue reading

Gear Review: Hi-Tec Harmony Lace

When shopping for casual hiking footwear, you’re often stuck with two choices: mid- to high-top boots that look ready to handle a gnarly summit ascent or low-cut shoes that feel too flimsy to take off-trail. The latter commonly falls into … Continue reading

Gear Review: GSI Kung Foon

When it comes to whipping up a gourmet meal in the outdoors, GSI has all you need for a backcountry barbecue and more. Since 1985, the company has invested years in developing compact camp cooking supplies and integrated systems that … Continue reading

Gear Review: Dahlgren Hiking Socks

You might want to rethink your next COSTCO pack of white athletic socks. They’re a convenient purchase, but they’re pretty terrible at what socks are meant to do. Here’s why: When your cotton-covered feet sweat or get wet, which they’ll … Continue reading

Kiss Sunburns Goodbye: Kiss My Face Sunscreen

A nasty sunburn is hard to forget. Even if the awkward burn lines inevitably fade from your skin, the memory is still scarred in your mind. As a freckled, fair-skinned person, I’ve had my share of blistered sunburns that I … Continue reading

The Forgotten Cotton: AYG 365 First Layers

In an earlier gear review, I proclaimed my love for cotton. Yes, it’s a terrible material when you’re active or adventuring in the outdoors, but cotton is ridiculously comfortable. And you can’t argue with being comfortable when you’re often pushing … Continue reading

Evolution of the Wheel: Osprey Shuttle 22-inch Roller Bag

Osprey Shuttle 22 inch/40 liter Wheelie Bag

Nothing quite like a painless and hassle-free TSA experience to set the wanderlust in motion. Although, more literally, a good set of wheels puts things into motion just fine. Unlike the majority of airport patrons, I’ve resisted owning any wheeled … Continue reading

I-Like Horny Toad’s I-Glove

Horny Toad I-Glove

‘Tis the season for spring weather and fewer layers of clothing, but winter hasn’t totally disappeared from our lives yet. Just this past weekend, I opted to ditch the snowy mountain town in favor of the first camping trip of … Continue reading

Patagonia’s Ultralight Down Shirt is Ultra Versatile

I’ll admit. I’ve been a sucker for cotton for years. It’s an easy fabric to deal with. It’s cheap, it doesn’t need special handling and it’s durable. Which is why the majority of my clothing – including outdoor apparel – … Continue reading

Gear Review: Patagonia Lugano Waterproof Boots

In the winter, the most dangerous part of my day starts when I step out of the house. Our short and flat driveway is far from treacherous during the summer, but five cars, eight people and zero accountability for shoveling … Continue reading

A Toast to Innate’s Trad Flask

Spirits, particularly whiskey, are universally supported on most, if not all, outdoor adventures. In the winter, you may find a celebration nip atop a summit or a swallow of tingling warmth when battling cold temperatures. And when it’s time to … Continue reading

Gear Review: Moving Comfort Mobility 1/2 Zip Shirt

Winter in Utah has been off to an odd start. Where slopes should be blanketed in a growing snowpack, there are acres of dirt and grass. Stretches of subzero temperatures have been scattered between warm dry spells. As many kayaks … Continue reading

Framing Their Future: A Profile on Easton Mountain Products

Easton Mountain Products may have only introduced their first line of snowshoes in 2008, but their significance in the snowshoe industry has existed for nearly 30 years. As a major supplier of aluminum and carbon fiber components, Easton Mountain Products … Continue reading

Gear Review: Keen Revel Winter Hiking Boots

A common rule of outdoor adventure is to break in your equipment before you hit the trail. And understandably. One of the fastest ways to kill your buzz is to suffer through ill-fitting gear after setting off from the trailhead … Continue reading