Mile High Mountaineering, Mile High Achievement

Mile High Mountaineering’s Colorado roots are infused with a passion for the outdoors and some entrepreneurial balls of steel (yes, the phrase “balls of steel” was used in place of boring words like gutsy or courageous).

“There are very few outdoor brands in the Denver area,” said Jeff Popp, president and founder of Mile High Mountaineering.  “Most of them are in Boulder, and I would rather live in Denver to be honest.  Mile High Mountaineering promotes the Colorado spirit by inviting people to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with our packs on their backs.”

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about Mile High Mountaineering … or Jeff Popp.  This young entrepreneur is breaking the mold by setting a standard of independence and innovation.  Straight out of college, Jeff and his buddy Jordan had a business plan that was simply established on a love for the outdoors and an urge to not settle for a “white-collar path.”  That’s pretty darn respectable.

Now with a warehouse full of backpacks in clear plastic sleeves, Mile High Mountaineering is open for business.  As “supply and demand” takes over, outdoor enthusiasts are scrambling over Mile High’s current stock (three models to choose from): Flatiron 38, Divide 55 and Fifty-Two 80.  Each pack is available in four different colors: red, black, green and yellow.

“We are not your ordinary pack company, or outdoor company for that matter,” Jeff said.  “The term ‘corporate’ does not apply to us and it never will. We are a couple of guys who love being outside doing what we love.”

While most companies are forecasting and organizing focus groups, Jeff and Jordan are testing new backpacks on the trails.  Go join them!  Get a MHM pack while they’re available. Yours truly snagged a green Flatiron 38 for future snowshoeing and trekking excursions (review coming soon).

It’s safe to expect only great things from Mile High Mountaineering.  Come celebrate MHM’s product launch at Casselman’s Bar and Venue in Denver on April 28 at 8 p.m.

Snowshoe Magazine, UpaDowna, Comedy Works, Great Divide Brewing, The C-List, and Montanya Rum are helping with sponsorship of the event.  Come party with us, listen to some great music, drink some great beer and rum, win some prizes, and then get outside.  No excuses!  Raffle proceeds go to benefit Big City Mountaineers – an organization to expose under-resourced urban teens to the mountains and backpacking.

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