Batman’s Jacket: The Nau Asylum

Continuing my series on Batman’s preferred outdoor clothing and gear, I now focus my attention on the Nau Asylum jacket.  This hardy, three-layer winter garment is waterproof, windproof and an all-conditions masterpiece – particularly suited for harsh, snow-covered environments.  Snowshoers, pay attention!  

Bam!  Slam!  Kazaam!  Icy criminals go down left and right while donning the Asylum: A seemingly tailored jacket that’s not baggy and more form-fitting.  It’s a snowshoer’s dream shell for the trails.  (Yes, something even Batman would wear to divert evil-doers.)

Nonetheless, it seems the Nau Asylum Jacket was forged in the fires of Mt. Doom.  It’s welded, stitchless seams and glued-in zippers still offer a breathable system that can stretch and vent: All a boon for snowshoers.    

Furthermore, the jacket’s helmet-compatible hood offers two-way adjustment zips (for removal, if necessary) and a high collar that covers the entire neck.  This is a huge benefit when you factor in high winds and the experiences of piercing sideway blowing snow.  

When exploring the outskirts of Glacier National Park in Montana, the Asylum was a godsend.  Nothing says “happy snowshoeing” like some good ol’ fashioned negative temperatures.  But I had a chance to test the Asylum while adventuring around the “Crown of the Continent.”  It stood the tests of the big freeze.

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More reminiscent of the Batmobile, the Nau Asylum elevates the standard for jackets – suited for any winter sport.  Its torso zip vents for personal climate control, two hand pockets, one chest pocket, one sleeve pocket on the exterior, two interior pockets, and removable storm skirt seal out the cold and provides killer storage for quick-access to accessories.  

Unlike the Batmobile and more like a Prius, Nau’s efforts to make the Asylum more sustainable are enviable to say the least.  That’s the Nau tradition: Environmental-friendly clothes, sustainable wools, organic cottons and other green fabrics.  Its three-layers were developed from post-consumer and post-industrial polyester waste: 100 percent recycled polyester (body), 88 percent recycled polyester (trim), and 12 percent spandex.

Once an Asylum meets its demise, it can then be recycled into polyester fibers for reuse as a Burger King uniform or quite possibly a leisure suit for the modern-day disco enthusiast.  However, it will more than likely be recycled into future Nau outdoor clothing.

The Asylum’s brushed interior is an extravagance that most jackets can’t reach at any level: It’s soft, comfortable and feels exceptionally nice on the skin.  When snowshoeing, this feature became all-together the most appreciated.  Of course the Asylum is breathable (although it doesn’t resemble your typical jacket with subtle venting); its total 35-ounce girth is a bit deceiving – somewhat bulky for a shell.  It’s more of a parka than anything (with a slim fit).  But it boasts the powers of an impermeable jacket for the coldest of cold.   

Something to note: The Asylum’s material combination is perfect for shedding snow when snowshoeing.  As many shoers understand, snow on the backside is a mighty annoyance.  The Asylum Jacket has a “no stick” fabric setup to add to its feature list.  Go ahead, try it…no snow on your assets.  

Take a step outside of the norm with Nau.  The Portland-based company is focused on bringing the elements of “modern,” “green” and “style” to winter clothing – setting it apart from the rest. 

Indeed, Nau is different.  The Asylum Jacket is certainly no exception.  Batman would agree.

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