Icebreaker’s Cascade Jacket: Made with a Woman in Mind

How would I know the Icebreaker’s Realfleece Cascade Jacket is made with a woman in mind? I wouldn’t; that’s why Icebreaker sent nature lover and exercise addict Amanda Beauvais on a several month journey living with her Cascade Hooded Jacket.

Icebreaker's Cascade Realfleece jacket is always ready to go

Icebreaker set about expanding their breakthrough Realfleece collection with new and lighter versions for the female wearer while keeping it every bit as soft and comfortable as before. Beauvais noted they succeeded. “The Cascade Hooded Jacket is warm and comfortable without being bulky.” That’s important, whether wearing the Cascade at a see-or-be-seen glam resort deep in snow country or out for a quick snowshoe trek before stopping for errands on the way home.

This natural Merino wool fleece alternative to the oil-based fleece coats provides discriminating women both the opportunity to select the perfect technical upper for the temperatures expected—adjusting one’s personal gauge—while remaining stylish without any bangles or jangles required. “This jacket is ideal for the active outdoors woman,” Beauvais told me. “It doesn’t require bulk in order to be comfortable. Did I mention how soft it is?”

Suggestions include adding the Icebreaker LS Express Crewe offering functionality along with a form fit. She was insistent the Icebreaker’s great cut provides wearers a flattering appearance. “Many athletic products for women are dire choices, providing nothing but yawns while they hang on the rack. The Cascade jumps out with its sleek pattern and classy look at a modern price point; yet, it wears like driving a sleek sports car.”

Women athletes revolt! Never again yield to sticky synthetics when the plush perfection of Icebreaker’s Realfleece is available.

Their sheep in New Zealand are happily grazing in the moderate climate of the flowing island; and why shouldn’t they? Along with wine, wool is a leading export meaning the providers, the sheep, are highly regarded.Merino is the Cadillac of New Zealand wool. Lightweight yet dense merino wool pile is a decadent gift from nature—and who doesn’t like decadent gifts?—highly breathable, yet constantly regulating body heat and releasing moisture to keep one’s snow adventures dry, comfortable and warm.

The Realfleece Merino wool is known to expel undesirable odors, too, meaning one can perform at a high level without smelling like a hockey bag.

An ultra fine printed collar feels soft and makes a beautiful place to tuck one’s face from the cold. As she turned heading back to the trailhead, Beauvais reminded me, “Icebreaker designed this jacket with a woman in mind!”

Available in Lush Red, Horizon Blue, Panther Cerise, and Black

Other notable features:

  • Interior zipper guard, always a handy idea
  • Zippered front hand pockets so the keys don’t jounce out and ruin your day
  • Zippered stash sleeve pocket, a novel way to have some cash or a card with you
  • Drop-tail hem
  • Printed inner collar, an elegant touch.
  • Icebreaker embroidered logo that says more about your good taste
  • Hem wrap label


To purchase the Icebreaker Cascade Jacket, click here.


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  1. I wish that the jacket would somehow improve my appearance. It certainly was displayed very well by the young lady modeling the jacket at the top of your article.

    I know some young ladies here in the south would appreciate a nice jacket like that.

    The article certainly made me want to purchase several of them.

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